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Fluid Analysis | The Importance of S.O.S. Services

Hawthorne's S.O.S.SM (Scheduled Oil Sampling) can put your equipment on a regular diagnostic program.

S.O.S. identifies abnormal wear by determining the amount of various wear elements in the oil from a particular compartment. Sample data is then permanently recorded to track the history of each compartment of each machine and warn of impending failure. In addition to oil, the lab can evaluate fuel, hydraulic fluid and coolant for indicators that can lead to early, unexpected failures.

Maintaining your equipment with good cost control is one of your top priorities. Hawthorne is committed to assisting you in minimizing your equipment operating costs. The place to start is with S.O.S. Services - Oil Analysis and Coolant Analysis. They are the fastest, most accurate, most reliable ways to see what's going on inside your equipment. Proper fluid maintenance is imperative to keep machines and engines operating at peak performance.

S.O.S. Services is one of the most useful and important maintenance support programs available. Here's why:

S.O.S. Services enables you to keep minor repairs from becoming major ones, and helps you to avoid complete failures. Often an adjustment or replacement of a single part, based on S.O.S. Services findings, can prevent a small problem from growing into a major repair.

S.O.S. Services enables you to predict wear-related problems, allowing greater flexibility in repair scheduling and downtime control. Through S.O.S. Services, you are equipped with a tool that tracks the wear of components and parts, tracks oil performance, and tracks oil condition. S.O.S. Services tracks what's going on inside the equipment!

S.O.S Services shortens repair time. Using the S.O.S. Services Report as a guide, troubleshooting time is often reduced, enabling a service technician to go directly to the core of the problem. You, your S.O.S. Analyst, and your Hawthorne Product Support Sales Representative are working as a team to manage your equipment.

S.O.S. Services enables you to optimize oil change intervals.

S.O.S. Services manages component life and equipment availability, thus reducing owning and operating costs: downtime is decreased and productivity and profitability are increased!

For maximum protection, you need S.O.S. Oil Analysis for all major oil-lubricated systems (engine, transmission, hydraulic system, and final drives) and S.O.S Coolant Analysis for your coolant systems.

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