2196 mm (87 in)

2196 mm (87 in) Log & Lumber Fork Carriage

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With several sizes and options available, log and lumber fork carriages provide the tools you need for your particular job.Cat® Log & Lumber Fork Carriages are used to load, unload, move deck, sort and feed the mill. Their flat fork tines and raised guards are designed specifically for use in handling both unfinished logs and stacked lumber.

Bolt On High Backs

High backs are useful to support the load when the carriage is fully racked back. Important feature to have when loading high volume pallets or irregular loads. Easy to service by removing four bolts.

Reinforced Structure

Gussets and plates specially positioned to ensure reinforced structure and long life to the carriage.

Floating Tines

Floating tines are a great solution to load and carry irregular materials having the ability to move fork tines up and down at the same carriage level. Also, they are helpful to reduce the offset between the tines heel and the bottom of the carriage.

Heavy Duty Frame

Heavy duty design with strategically located gussets, cross members and reinforced frame elements allows this fork to work longer on heavy applications.

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Long Name:
2196 mm (87 in) Log & Lumber Fork Carriage
2196 mm (87 in)
Interface Type
IT Coupler
Tine Configuration
Floating, Swinging
59.3 in / 1505 mm
1911.4 lb / 867 kg
86.5 in / 2196 mm
18.5 in / 469 mm
Tine Spacing Range - Outside Width
848-2094 mm (33-82 in)