559 mm (22 in) 3-4 Ton, Pin On

559 mm (22 in) 3-4 Ton Mini Excavator Pin On Compaction Wheel

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When backfilling trenches, Compaction Wheels are an option to achieve desired compaction levels at a lower price point.Cat® Compaction Wheels for Backhoe Loaders and Mini Excavators provide a low cost option for trench compaction. The wheels feature tapered roller bearings and tampered foot design with static pad rollers, to allow for smooth operation and achieving a high level of compaction. Six to ten passes are usually adequate to achieve compaction in normal soil conditions, dependent on the required compaction levels.


Used to compact trenches and easily backfill.

Tamper Foot Design with Static Pad Rollers

Static pad rollers are best suitable for compacting cohesive soils and achieving a higher degree of compaction.

Tapered Roller Bearing

Tapered roller bearing provides smooth wheel operation and appropriate tool balance.

Standard Backfill Plate

Backfill plate bolts onto main tool interface to be used in collaboration with wheel, to create smooth trench bottom.

Open Rim Design

Open rim design allows wheel to penetrate through the lift of trench fill and compact soil from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

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Long Name:
559 mm (22 in) 3-4 Ton Mini Excavator Pin On Compaction Wheel
559 mm (22 in) 3-4 Ton, Pin On
Compaction Width
21.8 in / 553 mm
Number of Wheels
Machine Class
3-4 Ton Mini Excavators
Number of Pads
586.4 lb / 266 kg
Overall Length
27.3 in / 693 mm
Overall Height
33.3 in / 846 mm
Overall Width
21.8 in / 553 mm
Interface Type
Pin On