Cat Compact with Machine Drive Power (MDP)

Cat Compact with Machine Drive Power (MDP)

Cat Compact delivers advanced measurements and real-time guidance inside the cab to help operators meet compaction targets faster, more uniformly and in fewer passes.

Cat Compact with MDP


Machine Drive Power is an energy-based measurement system that correlates compaction with rolling resistance to provide an indication of soil stiffness. It has an optional Mapping system, which helps the operator visualize the work as it occurs, ensures that the compactor covers the entire jobsite and produces uniform work.

Consistent Quality

  • Helps the operator produce uniform compaction.
  • Mapping correlates compaction measurements to location they were taken, allowing the operator to visually monitor progress, identify trouble spots, ensure coverage and uniformity.

825K Compaction MDP Display
815 Soil Compactor

Optimizes Efficiency

  • Empowers operator to determine when compaction meets target value and move on to the next job, preventing unnecessary passes.
  • Provides indications of soil stiffness.
  • Energy-based measurement correlates compaction with rolling resistance; does not require vibration.
  • Mapping keeps track of pass counts and coverage while providing real time maps of compaction work.