GLL52 Forestry Grapple

GLL52 Forestry Grapple

GLL52 Forestry Grapple


Cat® GLL Forestry Grapples are productive, durable, and the quality you expect from Cat products. Integrated to your machine's hydraulics, forestry grapples can handle a wide range of tasks with ease, while keeping you working with simple serviceability. GLL Forestry Grapples are a high-performing solution for your operation.

Maximize Performance

  • Leg profile designed for optimal performance across a variety of tasks.
  • Maximum holding power and control from the cylinder valve.
  • Interlocking legs designed to secure maximum or minimum load. The minimum opening of 5 in. (127 mm) can be used to handle single, small stems.
  • Precise matching of the bearing surface to the rotator increases the strength of mounting, reducing side loads on the mounting bolts.
  • Efficiently align to, grab, pick, and sort with powerful rotations motor and cylinders.
  • Keep your grapple safe while traveling by securing it with the grapple heel preventing swing and impact.
  • Optimal for applications such as: high-volume loading, sorting, high-decking in millyard, and shovel logging.

Rugged Durability

  • High-strength, alloy steel used to construct grapples for the highest level of durability in tough applications.
  • Get extended use out of your bearings with heavy-duty, lip type excluder seals and sealed pin joints.
  • Long-lasting direct fittings even in extreme conditions.
  • Induction-hardened alloy pins float, decreasing wear.
  • Use a heel with your grapple for maximum productivity:
    • Centered over the hydraulics, hoses are protected by the heel from damage.
    • Maintain control over your load, whether it is one or multiple logs, the flat, serrated rack provides engagement and stability.

Simple Serviceability

  • Easy-to-replace Hardox® wear strips on the grapple legs.
  • Easy access to grease points and fully serviceable cylinders.
  • Spend more time working with long service intervals and some servicing that can be done in the field with hand tools.
  • Critical components are safe and secure inside the grapple frame.
  • Ensure the integration of your grapple’s hydraulics to the machine’s by having it installed at the factory.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Integrated Technologies

  • Track your entire fleet of attachments and machines from one source. Grapples with asset tracking can be viewed in VisionLink® alongside Product Link™ subscribed equipment.
  • Keep your assets secure. Grapples with a PL161 asset tracker send an alert if they leave an easy-to-setup site boundary.

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Long Name:
GLL52 Forestry Grapple
GLL52 Forestry Grapple
Maximum Opening
52 in / 1321 mm
Minimum Opening
5 in / 127 mm
2762 lb / 1253 kg
Height - Open
72.4 in / 1839 mm
Height - Closed
74.29 in / 1887 mm
22.09 in / 561 mm
Rotation Torque
850.41 ft-lb / 1153 N·m
360 ° / 360 °