Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS80: 583-0212

Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS80: 583-0212

HCS80 Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler


Cat® Hydraulic Connecting S Type Couplers connect to your machine's hydraulics and electronics giving you the ability to pick up an attachment with full functionality in seconds without leaving the cab. These couplers deliver the productivity and versatility benefits you expect from a coupler. Additionally, they bring safety to your people, equipment, and overall operation while increasing the life of the other attachments in your fleet.

Average 37 Percent Better Flow

  • Couplings are machined and sized for the high-flow performance required by hydromechanical attachments.
  • Better hydraulic flow results in fuel efficiency gains from less restricted hydraulics.
  • Enclosed spring prevents contamination of hydraulic system.
  • Fail-safe fluid connections create a system for hydraulic fluid flow and no opportunity for spills during tool exchange.
  • Internally routed hoses in the bracket and coupler use fewer external hoses, reducing overall hose and repair costs.

Average 10 Times Better Quick Disconnect Life

  • Quick disconnect design improves lifespan and is easy to service.
  • Design of cover lid and sealing adds protection for couplings and prevents contamination to hydraulic system.
  • Machined position of quick disconnects creates the best bracketto coupler connection.
  • Quick disconnect couplings are installed in the same direction asthe locking force with a solid flange to ensure a solid fit. No locking rings or nuts which increase the chances of loose or broken parts.

Industry-leading Safety

  • Industry-leading safety features in sensor technology.
  • Safe coupler locking complies with updated European EN474safety standard.
  • Keep everyone on the job site safer. The operator stays safe inthe cab and no assistance is required to connect or disconnecthydraulic hoses during attachment changes.
  • Multiple electronic and mechanical measures in place to keepattachment secure, even if a pressure loss occurs.
  • Operator has visual and audible confirmations from inside thecab of successful attachment connection.
  • Heavy-duty locking wedge design keeps connections tightand in place during use.

Additional Versatility

  • Attachment switching with a hydraulic connect coupler:
    • Quick changes mean operators will utilize task and applicationappropriate attachments, increasing overall productivity andextending the life of the attachments.
    • The ability to exchange attachments easily can reduce thenumber of machines needed for a job.
    • Fast attachment changes with the hydraulic connecting interfacewill save time over static couplers or pin-on attachments.
  • Electric connector allows for full functionality when workingin combination with tiltrotators, ditch cleaning tilt buckets, andmulchers or other attachments with electronic harnesses for gradesensors or tool functions.
  • Each coupler comes standard with a lifting hook with 5-, 8- or 10-ton lift capacity depending on the size class.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Integrated Technologies

  • Never waste time looking for your attachments again. Cat assettracking is available on select attachments.
  • Track your entire fleet of attachments and machines from onesource. Attachments with asset tracking can be viewed withinVisionLink® alongside Product Link™ subscribed equipment.
  • Keep your assets secure. Attachments with an asset trackersend an alert if they leave an easy-to-setup site boundary.

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Long Name:
Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS80: 583-0212
Hydraulic Connecting S Type Coupler HCS80: 583-0212


Machine Class


1027 lb / 466 kg
Lift Hook Capacity
10 ton (US) / 10 ton (US)


21.2 in / 538 mm
41 in / 1042 mm
25.5 in / 647 mm

Hydraulic Specifications

Maximum Operating Pressure
5076 psi / 350 bar
1/2" Hydraulic Connectors (Mounted)
1/2" Hydraulic Connector Flow
21 gal/min / 79 l/min
3/4" Hydraulic Connectors (Optional)
3/4" Hydraulic Connector Flow
59 gal/min / 225 l/min
1" Hydraulic Connectors (Mounted)
1" Hydraulic Connector Flow
100 gal/min / 380 l/min