System K 2.0 m Milling Drum (25 mm spacing)

System K 2.0 m Milling Drum (25 mm spacing)

Cat® System K milling drums are designed with advanced features for surface removal or complete removal of road surfaces.



The System K course milling rotor with 25 mm bit spacing is designed for surface removal or complete removal of road surfaces with a rougher finish at depths up to 330 mm (13 in). A durable, high-performance design with efficient material flow and an excellent cutting pattern maximizes milling production.

Toolholder Design

The toolholder features multiple bit removal methods and a unique friction ring design to secure it to the rotor, yielding faster replacement and reduced downtime for rotor maintenance.

  • A taper and friction ring design secures the toolholders to the rotor without a retaining pin, bolt or setscrew, speeding up replacement time by up to 50% and eliminating the need for fasteners or torqueing
  • 20 mm wear collar is 66% longer than System G toolholders
  • An anti-rotating toolholder design ensures proper position to prevent wear on the blocks and holders
  • Water can penetrate through the toolholder radial access hole to aid tooth rotation for uniform bit wear
  • Toolholders are available to accommodate bits with 20 mm, 22 mm and 25 mm shank size bits for various applications

Toolholder for Cat System K Rotor
Toolholder for Cat System K rotor

Easy Bit Removal

Multiple methods for easy bit removal:

  • Radial access hole
  • Chisel points
  • Rear access through the block

Efficient Material Flow

  • An optimized spiral angle increases speed of material flow from the outside to the center for efficient material extraction
  • Blocks are specifically designed for each side of the rotor and arranged for optimized cutting effort and efficient material flow
  • Kicker paddles are dimensioned and tested to ensure maximum ejection of material from the center of the cutting chamber to the conveyor
  • The rotor design reduces component wear by quickly removing material from the cutting chamber, reducing drag, improving overall machine efficiency and lowering fuel consumption

Material flow on Cat System K rotor
Cat System K rotor with 25 mm spacing

Durable Design

  • Built to withstand demanding applications and extend rotor life
  • Large heat-treated surface areas on the toolholder protect the base block from undesired wear
  • Components are manufactured with abrasion-resistant, high-strength alloys to withstand the toughest applications
  • High-strength components stand up to the demands of high-power applications
  • Toolholder and base block designs are optimized to minimize stresses and provide lasting durability

Reversible Kicker Paddles

Kicker paddles are reversible for extended life

Reversible kicker paddles on Cat System K rotors
Bit removal on a Cat System K rotor


Maintaining bits and toolholders is key to achieving maximum productivity, and System K rotors are designed to simplify maintenance and get you back to work faster.

  • Dual-retention toolholders eliminate the need for fasteners, reducing replacement time by up to 50%
  • Bit removal can be done through multiple methods
  • A variety of removal tools specifically for System K rotors help you replace bits and toolholders quickly
Your Cat dealer offers convenient parts availability and service options, with an industry-leading supply chain and worldwide distribution to keep your rotor cutting smoothly and efficiently.

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Long Name:
System K 2.0 m Milling Drum (25 mm spacing)
System K 2.0 m Milling Drum (25 mm spacing)
Milling Width
79 in / 2010 mm
Tool Spacing
0.98 in / 25 mm
Drum Diameter at Tips
42.2 in / 1073 mm
Milling Depth (max)
13 in / 330 mm
Number of Bits
PN# of Rotor Gp with Coolant and Tools (Factory Installed)
PN# of Rotor Gp with Bits (Field installed)