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New Cat 315 Excavator Boosts Operator Efficiency

With an all-new cab, the Cat 315 Excavator provides a safe and comfortable environment with simplified maintenance to keep you working at peak performance. Our standard Cat® technologies boost operator efficiency and improve jobsite productivity. The 315 core features and benefits include:

High Performance

A Cat® C3.6 engine and powerful hydraulics allow operators to move material with high speed and precision, increasing productivity by up to 8 percent over the 315F. The 315 easily works on slopes with 10 percent more swing torque and 14 percent more drawbar pull. Our advanced hydraulic system balances power and efficiency to give you more control for precise digging requirements.

Cat AdvansysTM bucket tips improve production in demanding applications with easier pile penetration and faster cycle times. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to your specific digging conditions. You can also set up to four different dig depths and slope targets to save you time and money on the jobsite.

Cat Technologies

The Cat 315 Excavator delivers the industry’s highest standard of Cat technology, including Cat® Grade and Payload. Boost productivity by up to 45 percent over traditional grading with our Cat Grade with 2D system. Standard 2D E-fence prevents your machine from moving outside operator-defined parameters. Upgrade to Cat Grade with 3D to create designs with ease and see the front linkage’s full range of motion on a high-resolution touchscreen monitor.

Combined with VisionLink®, our Cat Payload helps you achieve precise load targets and increases loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing and real-time estimates of your payload. Plus, Product LinkTM also intuitively collects data from your connected assets no matter the brand, make, or model. You can also view information such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, maintenance alerts, and diagnostic codes online through web and mobile applications.

All-New Cab Design

Increase operator productivity with a 13 percent larger, ergonomic cab. Our new ergonomic cab provides the space and visibility you need to keep you working comfortably day after day. Comfort, deluxe, and premium cab options are available. The comfort cab is outfitted with a mechanical suspension seat. The deluxe seat is heated and air adjustable, while the premium seat can be heated or cooled and adjusts automatically.

With plenty of in-cab storage, your gear can be stored beneath and behind the seat, overhead, and in the consoles. Stay in touch at all times with the standard radio’s USB ports and Bluetooth technology to connect mobile devices and make hands-free calls.

Easy Operation

Control the Cat 315 Excavator with easy-to-use machine controls from the comfort of your cab. The machine also includes simple navigation using the touchscreen monitor or jog dial control. Start the engine with the push of a button, smartphone app, Bluetooth key fob, or the Operator ID function. Program your preferred power mode and joystick settings based on your operator ID and the excavator will take care of the rest by saving your preferences.

Operators can also save time and energy with work tool recognition. A simple shake of the attached tool confirms its identity and ensures all attachment settings are correct. Finding your attachments is easier than ever before with the Cat locator. The onboard Bluetooth reader or Cat App on your phone will automatically locate the device, so you can get to work quickly and more efficiently.

Machine Safety

Brightly colored seatbelts offer easy recognition of properly utilized restraints, while our standard rearview and right-side-view cameras to maintain jobsite safety. Smaller cab pillars, larger windows, and a wider skylight hatch provide 60 percent greater vertical visibility. Upgrade to 360° visibility to see objects and personnel around the excavator in a single view.

Our new service platform is designed for easy access to the upper service platform with anti-skid punch plate on the steps to avoid slipping. Optional boom and stick lowering check valves prevent reverse flow, securing your front linkage in case the hydraulic system unexpectedly loses power at any given time. When activated, ground-level shut-off switch also stops all fuel to the engine and shuts down the machine.

Easy Maintenance

Quickly service your Cat 315 Excavator with ground-level access to all daily maintenance points, lowering costs by 30 percent compared to the 315F model. S.O.S.SM ports are also located on the ground for easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.

Engine oil levels can be safely inspected from the ground or filled on top of the machine with a conveniently located second dipstick. Our new hydraulic oil filter also features improved filtration performance, anti-drain valves to keep oil clean, and a 3,000-hour replacement interval – 50 percent longer life than previous filter designs. You can even track your machine’s filter life and maintenance intervals on the in-cab monitor.