New Caterpillar Next Generation 36-Ton Excavators Deliver Increased Efficiency

Caterpillar has expanded its selection of next generation 36-ton size class excavators for increased efficiency, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and improved operator comfort. The new 336 and 336 GC excavators offer a unique and extensive range of new features designed to match contractor’s productivity and spend goals.

The new Cat® 336’s standard integrated Cat Connect Technology, combined with the most power and lift of the two models give it the maximum productivity at the lowest cost. The 336 GC’s reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs result in higher reliability and lower cost-per-hour performance. With improvements to technology and performance, upgrading your fleet to one of our latest excavating machines is sure to save your business time and money.

Efficiency Boosting Technologies

The New Cat 336 includes the highest level of standard factory-equipped technology to boost productivity. Integrated Cat Connect technology increases efficiency by up to 45 percent over previous grading options. Standard Cat Grade with 2D systems provide guidance for depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade with included touchscreen monitors for enhanced accuracy. Upgrading to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D is easy with minimal set-up time.

Standard Grade Assist is also included with automated boom, stick, and bucket movements so operators can stay on grade with single-level digging. Cat Payload delivers precise load targets and increases loading while operating with on-the-go weighing and real-time payload estimates to prevent truck over/underloading.

Prevent the excavator from moving outside operator-defined set points and increase jobsite safety with E-fence when working beneath structures and near traffic. Cat LINK™ hardware and software keeps jobsites connected to the office, providing machine-critical operating information to keep machines up and running without unexpected maintenance issues.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Cat 336 excavators offer extended and synchronized maintenance intervals for more work at a lower cost, reducing maintenance costs up to 15 percent over the previous series. New filters and fuel system features extend excavator maintenance lives, including:

  • New Cat air filter with integrated pre-cleaner as well as primary and secondary filters with double the dust holding capacity
  • New Cat hydraulic return filters with a 3,000-hour service life
  • Fuel system filters synchronized for service at 1,000 hours
  • Fuel system water and sediment drains closer to the hydraulic oil system at ground level for easier, faster, and safer routine maintenance

Increased Fuel Savings

Cat Next Generation excavators consume up to 15 percent less fuel than older models. New Smart mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, and engine speed is automatically lowered when there is hydraulic demand to save on fuel usage.

The cooling system features a new fan that runs on demand to keep the excavator working at the correct temperature for maximum efficiency. The upgraded electrohydraulic system features a new main control valve eliminating the need for pilot lines, reducing pressure losses, and lowering fuel consumption further.

Enhanced Operator Performance

All Next Generation Cat excavator cabs come equipped with standard features such as keyless push-button start, touchscreen monitor with job dial keys for control, and sound-suppressed rollover protective structures (ROPS) for next-level operator comfort and safety. For additional features, customers can choose from one of three cab packages: Comfort, Deluxe, or Premium.

Deluxe and Premium cabs offer a tilt-up console for easy entry and exit. New advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibrations by up to 50 percent. A Bluetooth® integrated radio system with USB ports for connecting and charging phones, and automatic climate control for maintaining internal cap temperatures regardless of external climates, provide the comforts of home.

Programmable joystick buttons for response and pattern give operators the option to “dial in” productivity settings on a variety of jobs. Large front, rear, and side windows enhance user visibility, with optional 360-degree visibility (336 only), combines images from machine-mounted cameras to enhance the operator’s sight lines.

The Next Generation in Large-Scale Excavating

The 36-ton Next Generation excavators give the productivity, efficiency, and comfort operators need with all of the cost-saving benefits businesses appreciate. Start saving today by investing in the Next Generation 336 and 336 GC 36-ton excavators.

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