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Quick Couplers are the high-performance option for Cat® Excavators. Couplers allow one man to change work tools in seconds for maximum performance and flexibility on the job site. One machine can move rapidly from task to task, and a fleet of similarly equipped machines can share a common work tool inventory.

CW Series Couplers

Increase the utilization of your excavator with a quick coupler. Your machine becomes an all-purpose tool carrier. Available in hydraulic or manual (spindle) versions.

ModelWeightWidthLoad Rating, Hoisting Hook
369-5803_CW70_hydraulic2750 lb33.6 in22 ton (US)VIEW

Dual Lock™ Pin Grabber Couplers - Mini Excavator

Cat® Dual Lock™ Pin Grabber Couplers allow work tools to be changed quickly - improving overall production and increasing machine versatility.

bcp_361-1092_manual 1 ton35.3 lb7.2 in11.7 inVIEW
bcp_361-1093_manual 2 ton37.5 lb9.4 in14.1 inVIEW
bcp_444-7494_manual 3-4 ton81.6 lb10.6 in16.9 inVIEW
bcp_444-7496_manual 5 ton123.5 lb11.7 in20.8 inVIEW
bcp_444-7498_manual 8 ton196.2 lb11.5 in23.3 inVIEW
bcp_485-5300_hydraulic 3-4 ton90.4 lb9.9 in16.7 inVIEW
bcp_485-5301_hydraulic 5 ton169.8 lb10.7 in20.8 inVIEW
bcp_485-5302_hydraulic 8 ton211.6 lb14.6 in23.4 inVIEW
bcp_485-5306_hydraulic 10 ton337.3 lb14.9 in30.5 inVIEW

Pin Grabber Couplers

From the operator's seat, visual and audible indicators help assure attachment is coupled. Your Cat excavator hydraulics, mechanisms inside the coupler, and digging forces all work together to assure the attachment stays engaged. The Cat Pin Grabber Coupler meets or exceeds applicable safety standards allowing you to work anywhere in the world. This coupler is weighted right to allow big bucket payloads. It's sized right for excellent breakout force and digging power.

ModelWeightWidth - Machine InterfaceLifting Eye Working Load Limit
GCI_CPG_B_LE_455-3909837 lb20.2 in11 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_CB-Trenching_LE_389-7526949 lb19.3 in15 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_CB_LE_455-39111025 lb21.6 in15 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_DB-Narrow Profile_LE_388-97241370 lb23.2 in15 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_DB_LE_455-39051370 lb23.2 in15 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_TB-Trenching_LE_390-09042060 lb25.8 in22 ton (US)VIEW
GCI_CPG_TB_LE_455-39072082 lb26.2 in22 ton (US)VIEW

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