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Reasons to Rent Heavy Equipment

If you own a construction business, manage a mining operation, have a fishing fleet, or other business and industry that relies on heavy equipment, there are many instances where you might need a heavy equipment rental. Hawthorne Cat was a pioneer in the heavy equipment rental business and set the standard with their Hawthorne Rent-It Service in 1974. Below, we’ll take a look at some reasons to rent heavy equipment. Contact one of our Cat dealers in Hawaii, San Diego, American Samoa, Saipan, or Guam today!

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Heavy equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on if you buy new or used, or a larger capacity piece of machinery versus smaller. For many smaller companies or those just starting out, this can be a huge expense they aren’t necessarily looking to take on. By renting heavy equipment rather than buying, your company saves the large upfront costs of heavy equipment, giving you a better cash flow position.

Latest Technology

Like anything in today’s world, technology can change lightning fast. While the overall function of a piece of heavy equipment has stayed the same, such as an excavator, the engine, the cab, the construction, the undercarriage, and aids, such as machine control systems, change, making new heavy equipment more cost efficient, faster, and the like.

Save on Maintenance & Repairs

Depending on your rental agreement, most maintenance and repairs of your rental heavy machinery are shouldered by the rental company. This can be a huge relief since if a piece of heavy machinery breaks down, the fix may be costly. With rental heavy equipment, you can oftentimes get a replacement machine quickly, saving you in costly downtime.

No Storage Issues

Many of us have storage issues for our homes and can’t park our cars in our garages because they are being used for storage. Now imagine trying to store a large piece of heavy machinery. Like all machines, heavy equipment is best stored indoors, but finding a space large enough can be difficult and/or costly. When you instead rent heavy equipment, you avoid this hassle altogether.


Our family-owned and operated Caterpillar dealer is proud to serve the communities of San Diego, Saipan, Guam, American Samoa, and Hawaii with rental heavy equipment. We offer heavy equipment rentals that suit your needs, whether you need a zero-turn excavator for a residential neighborhood improvement or you need a Cat attachment, we can help. Our mission is to become a part of your team, there when you need a helping hand. Contact one of our Cat dealer locations today!

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