Cat CB10 Mini Compactor

Cat CB10 Mini Compactor | Caterpillar Compactors with Oscillation

Even the most experienced operators depend on technology to maximize efficiency, prevent unseen damage, and build long-lasting roads. The Cat® CB10 Solid Drum is a 10-ton roller with 1700 mm (67″) tandem vibratory drums that can be equipped with the latest mapping and vibratory compaction technologies.

This technologically advanced compactor is ideal for a wide variety of asphalt mixes and other granular materials. The Cat® CB10 offers outstanding control and visibility, efficient operating powertrain, and versatile vibratory systems, including Oscillation and Auto Adjustable Compaction.

Oscillation Technology | Caterpillar high-performance compactors begin with vertical vibration on the front drum to deliver amplitudes and frequency options for thicker lifts and tough mix designs. The oscillation system on the rear drum adjusts to accommodate thin lifts, and maneuver near sensitive structures and underground utilities to minimize risk and achieve optimal smoothness and density.

Auto Adjustable Compaction | CB10 operators are using Auto Adjustable Compaction (AAC) to ensure they compact at or near the machine’s full potential and avoid unseen damage that can compromise mat structure. Cat exclusively features this AAC technology in both front and rear drums to measure the mat’s capacity and adjust amplitudes in as little as four seconds for uniform compaction throughout the mat. AAC benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of unseen mat damage due to operator error.
  • Automatic adjustment of amplitudes to preserve layer quality and prevent de-coupling or over-compaction of asphalt.
  • Sensitive system that adapts to different bitumen mixes

Mapping Features | Temperature mapping provides a visual layout of mat temperatures in order to keep machines working in the right places and avoid potential tender-zones in the 104º-110º C (219º-230º F) temperature range. The mapping system also tracks pass patterns, so operators can achieve optimal coverage and drum overlaps, preventing any missed areas. Machines can share pattern tracking information, making it possible for one compactor to pick up where another left off. This feature also provides a clear pattern map for operators working in poor lighting conditions.

Why wait? Upgrade your roller fleet today with technology features that can adjust to the exact specifications of your project, create optimal compaction and long-lasting paved surfaces.


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