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You work hard to stay on time and on budget in your business and you need reliable power systems to keep it that way. With more than 750,000 Caterpillar generator sets installed worldwide, our generators provide reliable integrated power system solutions to keep your business running in any situation.

Hawthorne Power Systems carries a full range of Cat® diesel and natural gas generator sets for your power generation needs, including emergency standby, peak shaving, co-generation, prime or continuous power for co-generation, prime power, and standby power. You can buy with confidence knowing that Cat generator sets lead the industry in durability, reliability, and efficiency – a solid foundation for any fully integrated power system. Matched with our unparalleled customer support and team of experienced power systems professionals, Hawthorne Power Systems will ensure your generator set delivers on-going, reliable performance through the lifetime of your product.

Preventing problems before they happen and keeping you from experiencing unexpected downtime is our top priority. At Hawthorne Power Systems, we provide testing and maintenance solutions for all of your electrical power needs. Our inspection, diagnostic, and repair services make sure you’re operating at the highest efficiency and lowest cost while meeting NICET, NETA, NEC, and NFPA standards.

Features at a Glance

  • Save time with auto-populated power system information and data
  • Choose from 3 types of inspections including equipment, site, and S•O•SSM inspections
  • Create custom inspection forms
  • Assign inspections to team members and evaluate results online
  • Share photos, videos, and comments
  • View, retain, and print inspection information in real time
  • Quickly identify and prioritize repairs with Red, Yellow, Green, or Gray ratings
  • Use Cat Inspect Web, the companion for Cat Inspect, when working from your computer
  • Integrate with My.Cat.Com and Cat Connect Remote Asset Monitoring
  • Use for both Cat and non-cat equipment from other manufacturers
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Arc Flash Solutions

An arc flash is a dangerous explosion caused by electrical energy when the change from a solid state to a gas vapor produces a volatile force. At the terminals, arc flash explosion temperatures can exceed 35,000°F and Arc Flash incidents are often fatal.

Our arc flash solutions analysis helps identify and mitigate the inherent hazards within your electrical distribution system. Hawthorne Power Systems’ team of Advanced Electrical Services Solutions experts will perform a 12-Step Arc Flash Analysis & Hazard Identification Compliance Process to prevent potential incidents.

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