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Arc Flash Solutions | Advanced Electrical Services

An arc flash is a dangerous explosion caused by electrical energy. The change from solid state to gas vapor produces a volatile force. At the terminals, arc flash explosion temperatures can exceed 35,000°F. The immense electrical energy vaporizes metal and can cause destruction of equipment, intense heat, fire, molten metal, shrapnel, blinding light, and toxic smoke. Arc flash incidents are often fatal.

Identify hazards by conducting an arc flash analysis. This safety evaluation will help you recognize and mitigate the inherent hazards within your electrical distribution system. Hawthorne Power Systems’ team of Advanced Electrical Services Solutions experts will perform a 12-Step Arch Flash Analysis & Hazard Identification Compliance Process to prevent potential incidents.

Benefits of an Arc Flash Analysis
Improve Employee Safety
Improve Power System Reliability
Provide Updated One-Line Diagrams
Provide Detection of Underrated Electrical Equipment
Determine Major NEC violations in the Electrical System
Reduce Nuisance Tripping

Associated Costs with Arc Flash Incidents
Lost Productivity
Workers Compensation
Increased Insurance Premiums
Facility and Equipment Damage
Legal Expense
OSHA Fines and Penalties

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