Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Control costs with Cat® Connect Technology and Services. From fuel burn and material overruns to rework and component wear, jobsite expenses constantly add up. Discover how easy it is to minimize waste, errors, idle time, and excessive wear to effectively cut costs with Cat Connect.



Cat Link

    • Monitor and reduce idle time and fuel burn
    • Identify and eliminate inefficient machines and materials
    • Document working hours to increase resale value
    • Reduce component wear with proactive maintenance management
    • Maximize equipment utilization to decrease need for rentals

Cat Grade

    • Cut costs, save fuel, and reduce component wear by getting to grade faster
    • Reduce material overruns and grade stakes
    • Speed up job changes and project completion
    • Reduce labor hours by increasing jobsite efficiency

Cat Payload

    • Eliminate overloading to decrease component wear, tire damage, and haul road maintenance
    • Maintain full capacity while avoiding overweight fines
    • Save fuel by reducing truck recycles and optimizing loading passes

Cat Compact

    • Achieve higher compaction quality in fewer passes, resulting in less fuel use, labor hours, and component wear
    • Identify problems that can raise material costs or lead to rework

Cat Detect

    • Avoid costs associated with wasted time, equipment damage, lost production, and unauthorized use


Equipment Management Services

    • Closely monitor and reduce costs related to asset use, maintenance, and health
    • Maintain and distribute resources more efficiently

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    • Identify and eliminate waste across your entire jobsite
    • Train operators to work more efficiently and decrease unnecessary wear
    • Optimize site setup and design with drones and expert analysis

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    • Create a safety-first culture to avoid costly incidents
    • Avoid fines for unsafe conditions or practices
    • Prevent accidents resulting from fatigue or distraction

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