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Your Top Provider of Excavators in California, Hawaii, and Guam

The scope of tasks that excavators can accomplish seems to be endless: earthmoving, digging, dredge work, material handling, demolition, underwater operations, forestry, debris removal, and the list goes on. Hawthorne Cat offers the best excavators in California, Hawaii, and Guam. Below, we’ll examine some of these uses and machines in a bit more detail. Contact one of our Caterpillar dealers today!

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Excavators for Landscaping Work

Excavators are very popular amongst landscaping companies. The mini and the small excavators are most frequently used because they are very maneuverable and are great for work in residential neighborhoods in California, Hawaii, and Guam.

 Excavators for Construction Work

Construction is a never-ending task it seems, and construction companies prefer excavators for digging and trenching work. Our small and medium-sized Caterpillar excavators offer great power and versatility for this type of work.

Excavators for Dredging Work

As you can imagine, living on the coasts of California, Hawaii, and Guam means dredging work is needed on a regular basis. With advanced hydraulic systems and factory-equipped technology, Cat excavators are the perfect choice for this industry. From dredging lakes and ponds to lagoons, beaches, and near the ocean shore, Cat excavators make this work look easy.

Excavators for Material Handling

Many industries in California, Hawaii, and Guam need heavy equipment for material handling, and Caterpillar excavators are the go-to for many. From help hauling away demolition debris to moving dirt to and fro, excavators from Hawthorne Cat have got your needs covered.


Hawthorne Cat offers you convenience and exceptional customer service every time. Our Cat dealer locations in California, Hawaii, and Guam offer the best in new, used, and rental heavy machinery, including excavators. Check out our excavators, and contact one of our Cat dealers near you for availability today!

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