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Hawthorne Cat Hydraulic Service = Smart Thinking

Hawthorne Cat is the right choice for your hydraulic service needs. We offer full service hydraulic repair including cylinder repair, pump rebuild and custom hose assembly. Our specialized hydraulic cylinder equipment speeds disassembly and assembly, saving you time and money. Hawthorne provides light/honing of worn cylinders to clean up scratches and imperfections that can cut the performance of your hydraulic system and accelerate seal wear.

All hydraulic systems require maintenance and repair. When your system needs service, we can help regardless of the make and model of your equipment. Our trained technicians use proper tools - backed by the industry’s best parts availability - to keep your machine up and running.

We recommend that you have your hydraulic systems inspected twice a year or every 1,000 hours. Our trained service professionals are here to help you eliminate unnecessary failures of your hydraulic systems.

During our hydraulic service inspection, our experienced technicians:

  • Conduct a detailed visual walk-around inspection of the hydraulics, engine compartment, cab, power train and ground engaging tools
  • Drift test all hydraulic cylinders
  • Perform complete checks of cycle times and system pressures
  • Stall test the hydraulic system
  • Take a sample of the hydraulic oil and perform S.O.S. services

After interpreting the inspection and fluid analysis results, we will meet with you to review the inspection report and recommendations. We will also provide you a quote if service is necessary.

San Diego
Paul Kessel
General Service Manager
858.674.7049 office
858.583.6336 mobile

Doug Kaauwai
Heavy & Hydraulic Service Manager
808.676.0306 office
808.265.1863 mobile

Guam (cylinders only)
Richard Nostratis
Service Manager
671.649.4212 office
671.898.2735 mobile