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Is Your Generator Set Sized Accurately?

Generator sets need to be accurately sized for their intended jobs. Improperly sizing your generator set can be harmful to the engine. A generator set that is too small for the task can result in power failure. Purchasing more storage and additional generator sets can be expensive. A generator set that is is too large or lightly loaded can lead to wet stacking which causes the excess fuel to pass through the engine's exhaust system. Using accurate generator set sizing software can ensure your genset can handle the task.

Here are a few points to remember when sizing your generator set. 

  1. Examine the differences between sizing motor loads and static loads. Motor loads have higher starting requirements (inrush). Improperly accounting for inrush can cause a generator set to fail to start.
  2. Be sure to fully calculate transient response. For example, does it calculate genset frequency dip, voltage dip and recovery time? Sizing should account for the alternator-caused and engine-related voltage dips because predictions can be inaccurate.
  3. The sizing calculation should also account for the lower frequency dip that results from an increased adjustable voltage regulator setting. It is important to understand when the volts/hertz optimization can help size a smaller genset.

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