Hawthorne Cat Introduces Cat Inspect Mobile App for Easy Digital Inspections

New Mobile App Simplifies Inspections for Construction & Power Equipment Owners

San Diego, CA — Hawthorne Cat, the exclusive Cat® equipment dealer in San Diego, the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Region, introduces the new Cat Inspect mobile app for a smarter way to inspect your construction and power equipment using any Android or iOS device with no cost to download.

“Customers can complete regular inspections and identify preventative maintenance needs with their smartphones,” Chandra Ramamoorthy, Director of Product Support Operations. “The easy-to-use app allows you to create custom checklists and forms, capture on-the-go notes, and share information for all of your equipment assets.”

Digital inspections with the Cat Inspect mobile app provide real-time information for review, retention, and printing. Schedule daily inspections and share comments, photos, and videos with your team. Quick identification of actionable items with Red, Yellow, Green, or Gray ratings also allows you to prioritize your repair budget based on inspection results.

Cat Inspect is optimized for mixed fleet owners with secure inspection data for Cat and non-Cat assets in one place. Results can also be viewed on other applications such as My.Cat.Com and Cat App. Plus, integrate your construction equipment with VisionLink® and your electric power systems with Cat Connect Remote Monitoring.

Contact Hawthorne Cat today at 858.674.7058 to learn more about the new Cat Inspect mobile app.

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