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New Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator Increases Productivity, Performance & Versatility

The Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator delivers the power and versatility you need for even the toughest jobs. The latest model has compact dimensions, powerful hydraulic systems, and multiple tool options to provide customers with the best value in terms of productivity, versatility, and serviceability. The 302.7D Mini Excavator core features and benefits include:

Compact Radius

The 302.7D CR is a true zero tail swing machine configured without the additional counterweight to keep the upper body between the width of the undercarriage during rotation. This allows operators to work in a confined area and concentrate on the job at hand without worrying about the back of the machine. The cab is designed with a transport weight below 2.7 tons, and an optional weight increases the excavator’s lifting capabilities.

Powerful Hydraulics

The Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator delivers optimal performance with 100% pilot controls, eliminating the need for linkage and cable maintenance. Connections are located close to the tool to reduce hose lengths and any potential damage, while standard hammer and two-way lines are complete with quick disconnect fittings. Additional line options are available to increase versatility.

Safe transformation of the machine is supported by the Cat® automatic swing lock, which keeps the upper body in place when the control console is raised, or the engine is stopped. The mini excavator is also fitted with brackets and relief valves for simple and cost-effective mounting of a hydraulic thumb.

Operation Productivity

The 302.7D gives the operator a comfortable space to work in. The cab’s ergonomic control layout, travel pedals, and adjustable wrist rests are designed to minimize operator fatigue and increase work productivity. The mini excavator is also equipped with proportional auxiliary hydraulics including adjustable flow control, which is especially useful with tools like angling buckets. Both upper body swing and boom offset can be controlled simultaneously for faster machine positioning and object handling.

Easy Maintenance

The 302.7D CR Mini Excavator is designed for smooth maintenance and serviceability. Removable covers in the cab and at the rear of the machine provide easy access to hydraulic system components, and all daily service points are reachable through the large side cover.

Work Tools & Service Options

Take advantage of the machine’s versatility with our wide range of work tools available. All tools are specifically matched to the Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator in order to optimize performance, improve productivity, and provide exceptional value. Plus, Hawthorne Cat’s special financing offers, warranty options, and maintenance plans can help lower your operating costs.

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