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Choosing the Right Tires for your Cat Machine

Tires are essential for traversing across any jobsite, but not all tires are ideally suited for every application. Analyzing how and where your equipment will be working can help you select the right type of tires for the job. In the article, “Tire Selection Strategy for Compact Machine Owners,” Caterpillar’s Kevin Sheehan, has compiled a helpful reference guide to ensure you have the right tires for you upcoming project

Pneumatic Tires | Typically made from reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air that provides ground traction and absorbs shock and vibration. Pneumatic tires are ideal for landscaping, concrete, and agriculture applications.

Airless Tires | Designed for harsh applications that may have a high risk of being punctured. Unlike pneumatic tires, airless tires perform well on rough terrain. In order to keep the machine stable, airless tires are more firm and larger than pneumatic tires.

These types of applications are the harshest on tires

  • Demolition
  • Garbage disposal
  • Scrap and recycled material handling
  • Landfill and waste processing
  • Transfer stations and sorting

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