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Increase Your Mini Hydraulic Excavator Versatility

The Cat Mini hydraulic excavator is the perfect combination of powerful performance and easy maneuverability. They are ideal for digging, lifting, and clean up jobs on site with tight quarters such as backyards, inside buildings, and around fences. Versatile attachments expand their usability in landscaping, construction, and agriculture.

A coupler can diversify your machine’s usage by allowing you to quickly change attachments, enabling your mini excavator to perform multiple jobs in less time. Here are a few examples that demonstrate its versatile range:

Buckets come in various dimensions and capacities to handle different excavation jobs
Rippers cut through tough ground conditions to loosen soil and improve productivity
Augers drill holes of all shapes and sizes, efficiently extracting soil in dense ground

Material Handling
Thumb attachments feature hydraulic controls that allow you to easily grasp items and move them
• Some thumbs can fold back against the machine stick, allowing a seamless move between digging and grabbing

• A suitable lift radius and capacity can eliminate the need for a crane

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