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Maintenance Considerations Before You Purchase Equipment

Expanding your fleet is a large investment to make whether you are purchasing large or small equipment. It’s important to take necessary steps to ensure you are making the right choice about what mode and brand of equipment to buy. Maintenance points should be on your list of research to conduct before you close any deal. Servicing equipment can be extremely costly. So, it's crucial that you have easily accessible maintenace check points so you can perform preventative maintenace walk-arounds. In his blog, “Pre-Purchase Maintenance Considerations for Compact Machines”, Caterpillar’s Roy Brookhart has compiled a list of helpful tips to consider before purchase a new or used equipment.

Daily Maintenance Considerations

  • Perform a mock walk-around to evaluate potential daily maintenance requirements. 
  • Identify maintenance points – they should be easily seen by machine decal or in the OMM. Note: some manufacturers store maintenance details online.
  • Maintenance points should be easily accessible for the operator. Consider purchasing a machine without awkward posing or repositioning to access daily maintenance points.
  • Find machines that have access points grouped together as this can significantly reduce time during routine maintenance checks. For example, grease points should be grouped together.

Optimize Maintenance Intervals

New equipment technology enables you to reducing your operating costs by extending service intervals. Hawthorne Cat will partner with you to help you identify ways you can reduce your service intervals by leveraging your equipment technology. Optimize Maintenance Intervals with these tips

  • Evaluate machine design. Your machine should use convenient intervals in multiples of 100 or 250 hours.
  • Choose an equipment manufacturer that offers maintenance kits with purchase. Kits typically include filters, fluids, and other items needed at specific intervals.
  • Be sure to ask your equipment dealer rep if they offer sampling services for fluid analysis before you purchase a new machine. These services can help you track data over time to identify deviation from the industry norm. 


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