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Routine Electrical Maintenance Can Help Avoid Hazards

Electrical systems can be extremely dangerous if they are not properly maintained and regularly checked. Components such as automatic transfer switches, circuit breakers, switchgear and UPS batteries are often overlooked during routine electrical maintenance checks and can cause power failure and injury. 

Caterpillar's Amy Popard discusses the ways to prevent electrical hazards in her blog, "Avoid Hazards with Better Electrical Maintenance." Amy suggests implementing a workplace plan to avoid injury, downtime, and decreased productivity. Develop a checklist of items to include during your routine maintenance checks. Refer to the standards and codes outlined by the National Fire Protection Agency and Canadian Standards Association to eliminate electrical hazards and ensure your business meets the appropriate safety requirements. An electrical preventative maintenance program (see Code 70B) is an effective way to improve employee safety, workplace productivity and system efficiency.

Key Components to an Effective Electrical Maintenance Program

  • Qualified personnel should be well-trained and responsible
  • Analyze electrical equipment and systems to determine maintenance requirements and priorities
  • Schedule routine inspections and appropriate tests
  • Analyze inspection and test reports to ensure proper maintenance can be performed
  • Compile detailed maintenance reports and records

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