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Service Maintenance Options Can Lower Costs

Hawthorne Power Systems is dedicated to making sure your generator sets run at maximum efficiency. Hawthorne Power Systems offers maintenance and repair service, management solutions, an extensive parts inventory, skilled service technicians, and the #1 support network in the industry. In addition, there are other service maintenance options for achieving lower costs of ownership and operation.  

  • Customer Support Agreements can cover preventive maintenance or complete care of your generator sets. Participation can help reduce repairs and minimize unscheduled downtime by detecting problems earlier.  
  • S·O·SSM Fluids Analysis includes advanced evaluation of and clear reporting on the state of your electric power equipment, including engine condition. Regular analysis can identify problems before failure occurs, and allow you to schedule downtime.
  • Remote Monitoring can improve on-site performance by connecting to your electrical power system 24/7 from any location.
  • Extended Service Coverage (ECS) can help protect you from rising parts and labor costs. It's available for new as well as already installed, used generator sets.

Contact your Hawthorne Power Systems representative to learn more about how these services can help you lower costs and improve performance.

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