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Superior Custom Track / Undercarriage Service

Hawthorne's Service Department is designed specifically for undercarriage service, rebuilding and production line undercarriage techniques. Our technicians take pride in their specialties and are prepared to turn out a job quickly with exchange rollers, idlers and sprockets available as well as a complete inventory of new undercarriage components.

No matter how well-built or managed, your undercarriage system will eventually need a service. When it does, we have the repair options, trained professionals and proper tooling backed by the industry’s best parts availability to get your machines up and running quickly and reliably.

"Wet" Bushing Turn Maximizes System Life

A "wet" bushing turn prevents internal wear and maximizes bushing life. If you continue to operate in the same working environment, wear life on the second bushing side will equal that of the first side. This enables you to maximize the life of other undercarriage components, greatly reducing your cost per hour. We have the correct service tooling and trained service personnel to perform a "wet" bushing turn. We'll get your equipment up and running quickly and reliably.

Roller Reshelling - Restores Full Wear Life
Even after years of productivity, Cat rollers can easily be rebuilt. High bore hardness and excellent sealability mean internal components like shafts and bearings can be reused. Only the shell is replaced, which dramatically reduces costs. In this procedure, we disassemble the roller, check the components, and place all reusable components into a new shell. The result is a like-new roller where full wear life is restored at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

Roller Swapping - Lengthens System Life
Roller swapping involves moving the rollers to different positions on the same side of the tractor or moving them from one side to the other. This simple procedure can help you get the most out of your rollers, extending roller life and reducing downtime and repair costs.

Idler Resurfacing - Extends Wear Life
Like rollers, Cat idlers are designed to be rebuilt, extending wear life and reducing your maintenance expenses. Their excellent sealability means we can reuse internal components, lowering your overall repair costs. In the resurfacing process, we disassemble the idler and check internal components.

Track Shoe Regrouse - Increases Shoe Life
This process extends shoe life at a cost much lower than replacement. Because track-type machines work in many different conditions, track shoes are a major wear item. In some cases, they may need to be replaced when they reach their service limit. If the shoe pad is structurally sound, however, new material may be added to the grouser surface.

On-Site Track Service
Our field service trucks are equipped with the necessary equipment for track repair. This equipment saves time by permitting easy removal, repair, and replacement of track in the field.

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