B8 Side Mount

B8 Non-Silenced Side Mount Hydraulic Hammer

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Used for demolition and construction applications.Cat® Hammers for Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators and Backhoe Loaders are high performance breakers, designed for maximum performance on demolition, construction, and road work.


Cat® B Hammers are suitable for use in a wide range of construction and light demolition applications - such as breaking concrete sidewalks and driveways, pavement, roads, masonry, site prep and landscaping, and breaking frozen ground for utility repairs.

Ergonomically Positioned Hydraulic Lines

Ergonomically positioned hydraulic lines are designed to optimize serviceability, are easily accessible and require no special tools. Housing has been positioned to protect against force and dirt during impact but allow for wrench access. Hydraulic lines and back head pressure can be checked and charged while breaker is mounted to machine, allowing quick monitoring of breaker's condition.

Gas Fired Design

Gas fired design delivers consistently high production over time making the breaker reliable in applications such as concrete, asphalt, rock and light trenching.

Pin On/Side Mount Style

Pin On/Side Mount style hammers provide more flexibility and are better suited for highway or construction breaking jobs. The reduced number of bolted joints also provides a more robust frame that increases hammer longevity.

Slip Fit Bushings

Slip fit bushings are field replaceable and easy to maintain due to one locking pin, extending wear life and reducing owning and operating costs. Upper bushing rotates 360°, lower bushing has two positions and can be rotated 90°.

Included with Each B Series Hammer

Every B Series Hammer comes with:

  • Tool Kit w/Storage Box
  • 2 Tools (1 x Conical and 1 x Transverse Chisel)
  • Maintenance Kit

  • Specs
  • Docs



Long Name:
B8 Non-Silenced Side Mount Hydraulic Hammer
B8 Side Mount
Operating Weight - With Tool
773.8 lb / 351 kg
Energy Class
848.2 ft·lbf / 1150 J
Machine Class
7-9 Ton Mini Excavators
Tool Shaft Diameter
3 in / 75 mm
Impact Frequency
400-800 bpm
Minimum Operating Pressure
1704.1 psi / 11749 kPa
Minimum Carrier Weight
13999.3 lb / 6350 kg
Optimal Hydraulic Flow
50-90 lpm (13.2-23.8 gpm)
Overall Width
15.2 in / 385 mm
Overall Length
28.7 in / 730 mm
Overall Height
58.4 in / 1484 mm
Height - Without Tool
40 in / 1016 mm
Sound Level
133 dB
Mounting Bracket Size
Pin On