Cat Fleet for Surface

Cat MineStar Fleet for Surface

Fleet for Surface


Cat MineStar Fleet is the single best source for fleet management information. An integrated fleet monitoring and management system, it can be used with any machine or system to measure, manage and maximize every facet of an operation, no matter the size or type. Fleet provides real-time visibility to cycle time, payload and other key operational parameters. It monitors machine locations and material movement and provides alerts of misroutes to ensure material is moved to the proper location.

Mine Management

  • Provides the ability to reschedule and reassign equipment quickly as operational requirements change.
  • Follows all machine and material movement across the site, monitoring machine speeds, operator performance, fault code alerts and more.
  • Analyzes “what if?” scenarios to choose the best course of action when equipment availability changes.
  • Allows mines to view the entire operation at a glance.
  • Tracks every machine so mines can instantly see what jobs they are doing and who is operating them.


  • Eliminates over- and under-loading.
  • Minimizes truck wait times at loading tools and fuel stops and reduces the impact of shift changes.
  • Assigns haul trucks automatically to efficiently deliver the right material to the right place.
  • Prevents misroutes and ensures that operators and managers know where every load is headed.


  • Improves haul fleet production and shovel utilization.
  • Optimizes every piece of equipment in the fleet.
  • Automates fuel scheduling and shift changes to minimize unproductive time and maximize production.
  • Reduces rehandle by maximizing direct tip while meeting complex blending requirements.


  • Provides insights into key cost drivers – fuel, tires, service parts, idle time, etc.
  • Shares data seamlessly with other Cat MineStar technologies.
  • Collects real-time data on cycle times, payloads, material blends and other key performance indicators.
  • Generates targeted reports that make key information easy to understand.