This XQP500 generator set is EU Stage IIIA emission standard capable or fuel consumption optimized for customers in non-regulated territories. A unique feature is the introduction of clutch fan drive technology, where the fan no longer needs to runs continuously at full speed and power. This saves additional fuel, while also lowering noise output; an ideal feature when operating at lower loads, in cooler temperatures, or most importantly, in evenings when noise levels are most noticeable.Electric Power

Rental ready

Robust, durable product with a range of rental ready features to meet job requirements and applications.

Fuel/Emissions Strategy

Emissions Equivalent to R96 EU Stage IIIA or Best Fuel Efficiency.

Cat C15 Diesel Engine

Industry proven reliability.

Cat EMCP 4.2B Control Panel

Easy to use digital controls.

Cat LC6100 Generator

Integrated voltage regular for fast response in demanding applications.

Robust Galvanised Enclosure

Inhibits corrosion in service. Prevents water ingress, provides security and sound attenuation.

Sound Isolated Operator Panel

Improved operator comfort.

Cat Connect

Remote monitoring for fleet management and asset tracking.

Factory Designed, Built and Tested

Single-source Supplier

World Wide Product Support

Supported by an industry leading global dealer network.

500 hr Oil Change Intervals

Reducing operating costs and producing less waste.

Improved Transportability

Drag bars, Lifting frame, Fork lift pockets and 4 point lift.

Additional Options Available

Synchronising controls. Extended Service interval kits.

  • Standard Equipment
  • Specs
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Standard Equipment

  • CAT C15 Diesel Engine
    • Turbo charged.
  • Generator
    • LC6114F frame.
  • Air Filter
    • Cyclonic/paper with dust cup and service indicator.
  • Cat Connect remote monitoring
    • Provides package monitoring and management.
  • Cooling System
    • Package mounted radiator with vertical air discharge. Filled from factory.
  • Charging / Starting System
    • 24V heavy duty starting motor and charging alternator c/w battery isolator.
  • Fuel System
    • Dual wall fuel tank with 3 way directional valve for external supply.
  • Control Panel
    • Digital EMCP4.2B set mounted controller.
  • Distribution
    • Single, robust enclosure for controls and distribution c/w 4 pole circuit breaker and safety cut off.
  • Structure
    • Heavy Duty steel base frame with integral fuel tank. Fork lift pockets. Dragging bars. Lifting frame and 4 point lift. Base frame is wider than enclosure to protect generator set during transportation.
  • Enclosure
    • Sound attenuating, galvanised steel enclosure with exceptional noise reduction performance.
  • Exhaust
    • Integrated spark arresting silencer.
  • Lube Oil
    • On engine primary and secondary oil filters. Filled from factory.
  • General
    • Factory tested and inspected.



Long Name:

Generator Set

Rating Prime
500 kVA
50/60 Hz
127 - 480 V


C15 ACERT Diesel Engine


77 in / 1954 mm
90 in / 2292 mm
200.9 in / 5103 mm
Weight - With Lube Oil and Coolant
13176 lb / 5977 kg

Fuel Consumption EU Stage IIIA

100% Load 50Hz
29.1 gal/hr / 110.2 l/hr
100% Load 60Hz
32 gal/hr / 121 l/hr
75% Load 50Hz
23 gal/hr / 86.8 l/hr
75% Load 60Hz
26.3 gal/hr / 99.7 l/hr
50% Load 50Hz
16.4 gal/hr / 62 l/hr
50% Load 60Hz
18.3 gal/hr / 69.2 l/hr

Fuel consumption Best Fuel Efficiency

100% Load 50Hz
29 gal/hr / 102 l/hr
100% Load 60Hz
28.3 gal/hr / 107 l/hr
75% Load 50Hz
20.1 gal/hr / 76.2 l/hr
75% Load 60Hz
22 gal/hr / 83 l/hr
50% Load 50Hz
14.3 gal/hr / 54 l/hr
50% Load 60Hz
15.7 gal/hr / 59.3 l/hr

Noise rating (with enclosure) EU Stage IIIA

Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz)
77.5 dB(A)
Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz)
79.8 dB(A)

Noise rating (with enclosure) Best Fuel Efficiency

Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz)
80.1 dB(A)
Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz)
80 dB(A)