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From landfills to power plants to construction sites, Cat® Blades are there, equipping Track-Type Tractors, Wheel Tractors, Track Loaders, and Integrated Toolcarriers with tools designed specifically for the job at hand. Cat Blades provide the best performance and productivity for Cat Machines.

Angle Blades - Compact Products

Cat® Angle Blades are useful work tools in a wide range of applications for moving dirt, gravel, livestock waste and snow. They are also useful for finish grade work in construction and landscaping.

ModelBlade WidthWidth - Fully AngledMaximum Blade Angle - Right/Left Of Center
bcp_177-1989_1829 mm (72 in)72 in66.3 in30 degreesVIEW
bcp_177-1990_2134 mm (84 in)84 in76.7 in30 degreesVIEW

Coal U-Blades

Production-oriented blades designed to move coal efficiently; the ideal tool for moving coal at power plants or stockpiles. These blades are sized to match the optimum stacking/rolling characteristics of coal.Available with optional stainless steel liners to deal with acidic conditions.

ModelWidthWing AngleHeight
13.38 m- (17.5 yd-)168 in30 °64 inVIEW
14.8 m³ (19.4 yd³)193 in30 °70 inVIEW
21.41 m- (28.0 yd-)218 in30 °78 inVIEW
36.70 m- (48.0 yd-)226 in30 °101 inVIEW
52.0 m- (68.0 yd-)265 in30 °110 inVIEW
63.46 m- (83.0 yd-)270 in30 °121 inVIEW
65.75 m- (86.0 yd-)290 in30 °120 inVIEW
74.93 m- (98.0 yd-)322 in30 °120 inVIEW
9.66 m- (13 yd-)168 in30 °58 inVIEW

Cushion Dozer Blades

Cushion Dozers are used to push load scrapers or track-type tractors. The heavy duty design includes a wear-resistant center liner plate and a reinforced cutting edge section.

3048mm (120 in) Cushion Dozer120 in62 in9420 lbVIEW
3505mm (138 in) Cushion Dozer138 in70 in13480 lbVIEW

Dozer Blades

Cat® Dozer Blades are designed for rough and finish grading in dirt and gravel, and light dozing. With their 6-way capabilities, dozer blades are better suited for finish grade work in construction and landscaping applications.

ModelBlade WidthWidth - Fully AngledMaximum Blade Angle - Right/Left Of Center
bcp_539-9210_2337 mm (92 in), smart92 in80.7 in30 degreesVIEW
bcp_541-0940_2007 mm (79 in)79 in68.9 in30 degreesVIEW
bcp_541-0945_2337 mm (92 in)92 in80.7 in30 degreesVIEW

Grader Blades

Cat® SMART Grader Blade attachments are for cutting, moving and grading dirt, gravel, sand and virtually any other material used as a base. The SMART grader blade is an industry first bringing cross slope to D3 Skid Steer Loader and Compact Track Loader platforms.

ModelOverall WidthBlade WidthWidth - Fully Angled
bcp_575-2080_gb12078.4 in78 in68.8 inVIEW
bcp_575-2082_gb12496.4 in96 in84.4 inVIEW

Landfill U-Blades

Landfill U-Blades are multi-purpose powerhouses, able to doze refuse, dig and move cover materials. Equip your track-type tractors, wheel compactors or track loaders for maximum performance by adding a Landfill U-Blade.

ModelWidthWing AngleHeight
18.35 m- (24.0 yd-)168 in30 °82 inVIEW
23.32 m- (30.5 yd-)194 in30 °90 inVIEW
23.70 m- (31.0 yd-)217 in30 °82 inVIEW
38.23 m- (50.0 yd-)214 in30 °86 inVIEW

Reclamation U-Blades

Designed specifically for reclamation of mine spoil piles, Reclamation U-Blades feature larger capacity than standard U-Blades.

ModelWidthWing AngleHeight
16.4 m- (21.5 yd-)192 in28 °74 inVIEW
30.6 m- (40.0 yd-)224 in28 °95 inVIEW
53.5 m- (70.0 yd-)287 in30 °110 inVIEW

Variable Radius Semi-U Blades

Variable Radius Semi-U-Blades are excellent tools for land improvements, soil conservation, site development or general construction.

ModelWidthWing AngleHeight
6.9 m- (9.0 yd-)168 in30 °50 inVIEW
7.8 m- (10.3 yd-)177 in30 °55 inVIEW

Woodchip U-Blades

The Woodchip U-Blade has a unique wing configuration which provides aggressive side setting into the chip pile, quickly knocking down stacked chips and loading the blade.

ModelWidthWing AngleHeight
15.3 m- (20.0 yd-)168 in30 °74 inVIEW
23.8 m- (30.8 yd- )193 in30 °90 inVIEW
28.3 m- (37.0 yd-)216 in30 °92 inVIEW
45.9 m- (60.0 yd-)215 in30 °122 inVIEW
72.6 m- (95.0 yd-)265 in30 °132 inVIEW

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