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Coral Buckets

Coral Buckets are specifically designed to work in rocky coral conditions such as those found on the southeastern coast of the United States.

bcp_219-3400_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in3.4 ft³324.1 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3401_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in5 ft³383.6 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3402_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in6.7 ft³440.9 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3413_305 mm (12 in) pin on12 in2.3 ft³271.2 lbVIEW

Cribbing Buckets

Cat® Cribbing Buckets for Backhoe Loaders are designed for light trenching use in easy-to-penetrate, low impact, moderately abrasive soils.

ModelWidthCapacityBase Edge Thickness
bcp_216-3294_230 mm (9 in) pin on9.1 in2.1 ft³0.8 inVIEW

Ditch Cleaning Buckets

Ditch Cleaning Buckets have been designed to provide optimum trenching, slope-cutting, grading and finishing work.

bcp_212-8738_1219 mm (48 in) pin on48 in13 ft³451.9 lbVIEW
bcp_212-8740_1372 mm (54 in) pin on54 in14.8 ft³491.6 lbVIEW
bcp_212-8741_1524 mm (60 in) pin on60 in16.7 ft³529.1 lbVIEW

Grading Buckets

Designed to provide optimum grading, trenching, slope-cutting and finishing work in addition to nesting additional buckets for ease of transportation.

bcp_388-9668_1200 mm (47 in) pin on47.2 in14.6 ft³632.7 lbVIEW
bcp_388-9669_1500 mm (59 in) pin on59.1 in18.6 ft³743 lbVIEW

Heavy Duty Buckets

Heavy Duty Buckets for Cat® Backhoe Loaders are well suited for semi-rocky soil or where hard bank material must be broken out and removed.

bcp_219-3385_406 mm (16 in) pin on16 in3.7 ft³280 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3386_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in4.2 ft³284.4 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3387_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in6.2 ft³332.9 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3388_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in8.2 ft³368.2 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3389_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in10.3 ft³416.7 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3411_305 mm (12 in) pin on12 in2.8 ft³238.1 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1947_300 mm (12 in) pin lock11.8 in3.4 ft³249.1 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1948_406 mm (16 in) pin lock16 in4.2 ft³297.6 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1949_457 mm (18 in) pin lock18 in4.9 ft³304.2 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1950_610 mm (24 in) pin lock24 in7.3 ft³370.4 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1951_762 mm (30 in) pin lock30 in9.9 ft³443.1 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1952_914 mm (36 in) pin lock36 in12 ft³509.3 lbVIEW
bcp_275-4026_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in15.5 ft³703.3 lbVIEW
bcp_278-4487_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in9.5 ft³546.7 lbVIEW
bcp_278-4493_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in12.4 ft³610.7 lbVIEW
bcp_278-4499_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in6.3 ft³456.4 lbVIEW
bcp_527-7302_463 mm (18 in) pin lock18.2 in7.1 ft³551.2 lbVIEW
bcp_528-8034_616 mm (24 in) pin lock24.3 in10.6 ft³663.6 lbVIEW
bcp_528-8784_921 mm (36 in) pin lock36.3 in17.7 ft³859.8 lbVIEW
bcp_528-8786_1226 mm (48 in) pin lock48.3 in28.3 ft³1053.8 lbVIEW

Heavy Duty Rock Buckets

Cat® Heavy Duty Rock Buckets are specifically designed to work in the harsh rocky conditions found in various regions of the world.

bcp_219-3395_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in4.6 ft³304.2 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3396_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in7 ft³381.4 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3397_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in9.5 ft³396.8 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3398_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in11.5 ft³451.9 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3412_305 mm (12 in) pin on12 in2.5 ft³249.1 lbVIEW

High Capacity Buckets

High-Capacity Buckets for Cat® Backhoe Loaders are well suited for work in lower density soils and light materials.

bcp_219-3390_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in6.4 ft³321.9 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3393_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in13.4 ft³471.8 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1953_305 mm (12 in) pin lock12 in4.6 ft³295.4 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1954_406 mm (16 in) pin lock16 in5.7 ft³337.3 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1955_457 mm (18 in) pin lock18 in6.4 ft³357.1 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1956_610 mm (24 in) pin lock24 in9.2 ft³427.7 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1957_762 mm (30 in) pin lock30 in12.7 ft³489.4 lbVIEW
bcp_247-1958_914 mm (36 in) pin lock36 in16.2 ft³560 lbVIEW

Soil Excavation Buckets

Cat® Soil Excavation Buckets feature heavy duty characteristics with higher capacity for use in a variety of conditions including heavy impact.

bcp_254-8940_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in6.4 ft³335.1 lbVIEW
bcp_254-8941_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in8.5 ft³394.6 lbVIEW
bcp_254-8942_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in11.3 ft³434.3 lbVIEW
bcp_254-8943_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in13.4 ft³491.6 lbVIEW

Standard Duty Buckets

Standard-Duty Buckets for Cat® Backhoe Loaders are designed for use in easy-to-penetrate, low impact, moderately abrasive soils.

bcp_219-3380_457 mm (18 in) pin on18 in4.2 ft³253.5 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3381_610 mm (24 in) pin on24 in6.2 ft³291 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3382_762 mm (30 in) pin on30 in8.2 ft³324.1 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3383_914 mm (36 in) pin on36 in10.3 ft³363.8 lbVIEW
bcp_219-3410_305 mm (12 in) pin on12 in2.8 ft³213.8 lbVIEW

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