New | PM313 Track Undercarriage Cold Planer

PM300 Series is ideal for small-to-medium job sites where compact dimensions, optimum maneuverability and high production capabilities are required. The PM300 Series can be configured with one of three drum widths and a choice of wheel or track undercarriage. An articulating right leg can be positioned outboard to provide additional stability during demanding cuts or positioned inboard for true flush cutting on the right side. The PM300 Series features advanced controls and system integration, and offers a full range of options and configurations for increased versatility.

Cutting System
Milling Width51.2 in
Operating Weight - With Full Water Tank48382 lb
Shipping Weight - With Empty Water Tank44829 lb
Operating Specifications
Maximum Travel Speed3.4 mile/h
Inside Turn Radius6.3 ft
Operating Speed108 ft/min
Engine ModelC9.3 ACERT
Gross Power325 HP
Operating Length - Conveyor Up36.45 ft
Operating Width8.37 ft
Maximum Operating Height16.89 ft
Minimum Operating Height9.84 ft
Maximum Truck Clearance15.425 ft
Shipping Length - Base Machine19.35 ft
Shipping Maximum Height9.77 ft
Shipping Width8.37 ft
Shipping Length - With Conveyor Folded30.58 ft
Rotor Assembly
Cutting Width51.2 in
Number of Cutting Tools97
Maximum Cutting Depth13 in
Conveyor System
Collecting Conveyor Speed827 ft/min
Collecting Conveyor Width23.6 in
Discharge Conveyor Length20.5 ft
Discharge Conveyor Width23.6 in
Discharge Conveyor Maximum Speed827 ft/min
Discharge Conveyor Swing - From Center60 °
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity158.5 gal (US)
Water Spray System333 gal (US)

LCD Touchscreen Displays

LCD touchscreen displays are clear and provide fingertip access to multiple levels of information

Backlit Buttons

Backlit buttons are easy to see and use

Automated Functions

Automated functions simplify starts and consistency

Cat Grade Control

Optional Cat Grade Control is integrated with the machine, easy to use and precise

Ergonomic Operator's Console

Ergonomic operator's console is comfortably arranged and easy to use

Power Canopy

Optional power canopy provides greater operator comfort

Adjustable Seat

Seat is adjustable and comfortable

Dust Abatement

Optional Dust Abatement System removes dust from work enviroment; system can be enhanced with optional additional water spray system

Lockable Storage Bin

Large lockable storage bin is convenient and useful

Electronically Controlled Rear Steering

Enhances maneuverability, facilitating operation in confined areas

Heavy Duty Powertrain

Powerful Cat 9.3 ACERT engine delivers reliable, ample power to the propel system and rotor drive system

Automatic Load Control

Automatic Load Control provides optimum cutting performance even in deep plunge cuts

Three Cutting Speeds

Three cutting speeds can be electronically selected and provide optimal performance to match the application need

Automatic Belt Tensioning

Rotor drive belts are automatically tensioned to ensure steady power to rotor and prevent slippage

Articulating Rear Right Lifting Column

Articulating right rear lifting column can be positioned outboard for maximum stability or inboard to enhance flush cutting capability

Traction Control

Traction control system reduces slippage

Cat Diamond Bits

Optional Cat Diamond Bits last up to 80 times longer than standard carbide bits; reduce wear on machine and fuel consumption

Loading Conveyor

Loading conveyor swings 60 degrees to right or left of center to maximize loading flexibility; folds for transport

Large Service Doors

Large doors provide access to critical service areas

Visual Indicators

Visual indicators provide status at a glance

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs)

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) monitor machine function, providing alerts and diagnosis

Long Service Intervals

Long service intervals reduce costs and maximize uptime

Accessory Drive System

Optional Accessory Drive System provides full operational control of main machine functions for assisted machine movement during maintenance and service

Convenient Parts Availability and Dealer Support

Fast delivery of parts and industry-leading dealer service and support helps keep your machine investment working and productive




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