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MP318 & MP324 Multi-Processors | New Performance Standard

Caterpillar recently announced the introduction of a new generation of multi-processors for Cat® Hydraulic Excavators. The new Cat MP318 and MP324 Multi-Processors are equipped with six interchangeable jaw sets that improve versatility and will help you handle any demolition job.

Simplified Jaw Exchange

  • Interchangeable jaws include concrete cutter (CC), demolition (D), pulverizer (P), shear (S), universal (U), and tank shear (TS)
  • New patent pending jaw locking system - Jaws installed in just 10 minutes

Reduced Maintenance

  • Bolt-on and pin-on wear materials eliminate the need for welding
  • Added protection for hydraulic components and hoses
  • Improved great motor protection
  • Easy cylinder access
  • Optimized cylinder rod protection
  • Reduced daily maintenance - greasing, checking wear, and replacing worn parts

Read the press release.

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