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Tips to Improve Jobsite Productivity

Operating a business successfully can be achieved by overcoming challenges, adding new business, hiring an effective team, and having the right equipment. Jobsite productivity is a common challenge that many businesses encounter. The Caterpillar article, "10 Tips to Increase Productivity" provides tips for increasing your jobsite productivity.

  1. Prepare Working Areas. A properly prepared jobsite can keep your project on schedule and within budget. Load areas should be a minimum of two trucks in length to enable quick loading and truck exchanges.
  2. Jobsite Layout. An efficient jobsite layout is a key component of maximum productivity. Keep equipment and materials close by that are used regularly to minimize the downtime caused by retrieving items.
  3. On-Site Supervision. A supervisor should always be available on-site to handle issues, facilitate communication, and monitor safety.
  4. Engage Your Team. Encourage your team to ask questions and get involved. Challenging jobsite processes empowers your team.
  5. Manage Buckets & Ground Engaging Tools (GET). Treat buckets and GET as systems. Avoid mismatching attachments, applications, and materials to improve productivity.
  6. Schedule Your Work. Create a master schedule if your jobsite is running without one. An effective schedule enables the supervisor to schedule work ahead of time to ensure less movement of equipment and materials.
  7. Report Analysis. Regularly compile job-costing data and equipment health reports to ensure no equipment issues are neglected. 
  8. Equipment Management. Performing routine maintenance checks are the best way to eliminate unexpected downtime. The Hawthorne Cat Service Team can help you set up regular maintenance checks to ensure high productivity on your jobsite.
  9. Safety. Construction jobsites can be dangerous. Operating safely significantly reduces the possibility of an accident. A safe environment also keeps morale high and the job on schedule.
  10. Quality Matters. Perform high-quality work 100% of the time. High quality performance will improve overall jobsite productivity by minimizing the need for rework or exceeding your budget with overtime.

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