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Video | Jump-Start Your Cat Machine

An unexpected battery failure is bound to happen on your equipment period. A jump-start is the best quick fix. It is important to connect your jumper cables properly to ensure a safe and successful jump-start. Jeff Payne, Caterpillar Preventative Maintenance Instructor, provides step-by-step instructions to property jump-start your Cat machine in his video

How to Jump-Start your Cat Machine

  1. Connect the positive cable to the positive side of the battery on the active power source (good vehicle)
  2. Connect the positive cable to the positive side of the battery the positive side of the dead battery
  3. Connect the ground/negative cable to the frame, outside of the battery box
  4. Any outer frame connection can ground off the engine block
  5. Do not connect the ground cable to the inside of the battery box. Sparks can ignite the fumes inside the box and cause the battery to blow up. A spark on the outside of the battery box is likely to occur, but will not damage the battery.

Note: These are general instructions. Please consult your Hawthorne Cat Service Team with any questions.

Watch the video and visit the website for more information about batteries.

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