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Cat 336E H Hybrid Excavator's New Hybrid System

The new Cat® 336E H Hybrid Excavator is equipped with the latest hybrid technology designed to lower operating costs and reduce the carbon footprint. The hydraulic hybrid system still delivers the same reliability, durability and power you are used to while increasing your machine's operating efficiency.

The 336E H's hybrid system optimizes the new hybrid technology to reduce and reuse its energy.

  1. The new hybrid technology conserves fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump
  2. Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve
  3. Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing, which captures the excavator's upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators and then releases the energy during swing acceleration

View the infographic to learn more about how the hybrid technology works.

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