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Hawthorne Cat Hosts Level 1 Operator Training

Last month, Hawthorne Cat hosted a Level 1 Operator Training session for equipment operators from the Rainbow Municipal Water District. The training was held at the Konyn Dairy in Escondido, CA. The operators from the Rainbow Municipal Water District typically operate Backhoe Loaders and wanted to expand their operating skill set by training on Cat Excavators. Hawthorne Cat Certified Dealer Instructor, Ron Lyons, worked with the attendees during a stick-time training that educated them on proper techniques for safely operating Cat Excavators.

Register today for upcoming Level 1 Operator Training classes on Cat Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe LoadersMotor Graders, and more. Contact Ron Lyons for more information. 

Ron Lyons
Certified Dealer Instructor
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