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Improve Your Cat® D8T Dozer with Optional Performance Features

The Cat® D8T dozer is known for its top-tier power, performance, and high resale value. Now you can save time and money with an array of new productivity enhancing options. Optional features include a new SU bulldozer blade, performance cutting edges, extended life undercarriage, powered bottom guards, and remote control COMMAND for dozing.

SU Blade/Performance Cutting Edges | The new, larger 13.4 yd3 Semi-U (SU) Blade boasts 19% more capacity than the standard D8T blade. It allows the machine to move more material per pass for a 13% increase in productivity. Patented performance cutting edges feature a new cutting action that increases blade load mass by up to 25%. The edges enable the dozer to work faster and reduce “skating” in tough materials, resulting in higher efficiently in rock or hard ground applications. They also dig deeper and improve blade control, load retention, and traction.

Powered Bottom Guards | Opting for powered bottom guards on the underside of your D8T dozer will reduce maintenance downtime, improve safety, and facilitate machine clean-out. The doors open hydraulically via a remote switch. They can be opened in the center for fast debris clean-out or from one side for full maintenance access.

COMMAND for Dozing | New D8T dozers can be equipped with a remote control option. This new feature drastically increases operator safety and productivity in applications with steep slopes or unstable surfaces. Options include an over-the-shoulder console for line-of-side remote operation from up to 437.4 yards away, or a remote operator station that offers both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight operation.

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