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New Settings to Hystat System Deliver Control

Cat K Series® Small Wheel Loaders are equipped with the Caterpillar Hystat System designed to electronically control hydrostatic transmission. The Hystat System matches underfoot conditions by automatically adjusting tractive power at the wheels. Three new Hystat Operator Modes have been added to ensure machine operators have complete control in a variety of operating conditions and match personal preferences. The settings can be applied via the K-Series Secondary Display or the Cat Electronic Technician.

Hystat Operator Modes

  • Hystat Mode fine tunes the hydrostatic-drive system is for peak performance. The governor pedal controls machine movement. The machine accelerates when force is applied but can slow the machine smoothly when the pedal is released. Hystat Mode eliminates machine movement when low gear is enabled and until force is applied to the governor pedal.
  • Torque Converter (TC) Mode enables the machine to coast when the governor pedal has been released. Torque-converter-like performance is applied on uphill and downhill grades when the slope-compensation feature is applied. 
  • Ice Mode improves control on near-zero-friction surfaces (ice and hard-packed snow) by adjusting directional shifts. Ice Mode should not be applied on slippery mud surfaces or ice/snow surfaces when using studded tires or chains.


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