Cat Command for Dozing in Mining

Cat command for Dozing in Mining

Command for Dozing.


Cat® MineStar™ Command for dozing improves safety and efficiency by taking operators off their machines and letting them work from either nearby or remote locations. Whether you choose the over-the-shoulder remote control console or the remote operator station, your operators can have full control of the dozer without being exposed to dust, noise, vibration or other hazards. With semi-autonomous dozing, a single operator can manage up to four machines from a remote location — boosting productivity and safety Deep integration with Cat machine systems enables smooth, precise control for maximum efficiency and productivity.


  • Safety

    • Reduces operator safety risks in the event of a high wall collapse, machine roll-over or fall.
    • Decreases potential for injury from slips, trips and falls when climbing on and off machine.
    • Removes operator from exposure to full body vibration.
    • Activates machine shutdown when a loss of communication between the console and machine is detected, or if the operator console is tipped too far, which may indicate that the operator has fallen.
    • Stops machine movement when there has been breaching of an avoidance zone; stopping results in the application of the parking brake and the implementation of a lockout.

  • Scalability

    • Gives sites the opportunity to start with over-the-shoulder operator console, then advance to the remote station, which enables both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight operation.
    • Allows sites to leverage their investment in the remote station to launch a full teleremote solution, with one operator controlling multiple dozers.
    • Features technology enablers that are designed as building blocks to grow and evolve with sites at their rate: ABA and Autocarry, MineStar Terrain guidance, Terrain Blade Control, teleremote and semi-autonomous system.

  • Productivity

    • Is able to operate more hours in a shift than a staffed dozer through elimination of idle time such as shift change, meal/bathroom breaks, etc.
    • Enables continued use of machine without putting operators at risk.
    • Allows production to continue immediately following blasting operations.
    • Reduces operator fatigue and drives consistent productivity through the shift.
    • Enables steeper work angles to drive increased volumes.
    • Makes it possible for one operator to control multiple dozers.

  • Efficiency

    • Enables quick system response through comprehensive machine integration of the electronic and hydraulic systems.
    • Provides operator complete control with access to advanced features such as Autocarry, Automatic Ripper Control and Auto Blade Assist.
    • Delivers more consistent dozing, improves equipment utilization and increases shift-long operator efficiency.

  • Integration

    • Integrates with Cat machine electronic control systems, saving installation time and speeding machine response time compared to aftermarket systems.
    • Is designed as part of Cat MineStar, a system that is used and supported around the world on thousands of machines.
    • Provides access to all operational features, and notifications of critical machine health parameters.
    • Utilizes machine’s existing hydraulic valves and electronic harnessing, increasing reliability over non-integrated systems.
    • Sends Commands from the operator console and station directly to the engine and implement electronics via a remote-control module and a dedicated radio, reducing delays.

  • Portable Remote Console

    • Allows for line-of-sight control from a distance of up to 400 meters (437 yards).
    • Uses spread spectrum technology to virtually eliminate interference from other wireless devices utilizing the 2.4 GHz frequency bands, and features proprietary algorithms that secure the communications between the on-board wireless receiver and the console.
    • Offers ergonomic design that enables an operator to comfortably work an entire shift; weighs just 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) with battery and is suspended on the operator by adjustable nylon straps or “J-Hook” style over-the-shoulder support.
    • Offers full functionality of the dozer, with basic machine functions such as start-up/shutdown, blade control, gear selection, steering and ripper control easily accessible through the ergonomic layout of the console controls, all of which are protected from impact by the aluminum roll bar.
    • Provides access to advanced options such as Auto Blade Assist, AutoRip and Autocarry (if machine-equipped).

  • Remote Operator Station

    • Enables the operator to work outside of the cab from a comfortable, seated position in an environment modeled after the actual cab of the machine, with all ergonomic controls, alarms and features operating as they do in the dozer.
    • Can be equipped for line-of-sight operation or for teleremote operation with the addition of video and audio feeds from the site and dozer.
    • Can be set up within any type of enclosure, such as in a comfortable office environment, and can be configured for easy transport in a truck or trailer, which adds flexibility in its application.
    • Allows multiple Command-equipped machines to be assigned to one operator station, providing ability for the operator to quickly select the machine to control by performing a simple switch function on the station display.
    • Incorporates four high-resolution dozer-mounted cameras and a microphone for non-line-of-sight operations, giving the operator a complete picture of the machine’s working environment for safe, productive operation in a wide range of site conditions.

  • Semi-Autonomous Operation

    • Allows a single operator to manage up to five machines in push-to-an-edge applications, helping to maximize dozing efficiencies while reducing site operating costs.
    • Makes next-generation dozing a reality by allowing operation of dozers from a remote location either on the mine site or miles away, and reduces costs by tying multiple machines to a single operator and station.
    • Adds to the features of the Remote Operator Station, providing situational awareness with 2D computer-generated imagery.
    • Includes a tactical planner system that features real-time terrain mapping through a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which reacts in real time to mapped environmental changes, and is designed to handle operator interventions quickly and smoothly.
    • Requires implementation of Auto Blade Assist, Autocarry and AutoRip Control; also requires Terrain with blade control to assist with productivity to a design plan.

  • Sustainability

    • Delivers consistent and more efficient operations to reduce fuel usage, which translates to a reduction in emissions.
    • Enables higher machine utilization, for reductions in idle time and less wasted fuel.
    • Incorporates machine health technologies and data analytics to maximize asset health and performance, reducing waste.
    • Reduces operational waste by about 40%.


Cat Command for Dozing in Mining
Command for Dozing.
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