Cat Terrain for Grading

Cat Terrain for Grading

Terrain for Grading


Grading is a vital but less visible function that provides essential support for loading and hauling operations. Cat® Terrain for grading helps to make dozer and motor grader operations safer and more efficient, which can make a huge difference to a mine site’s bottom line. Terrain for grading helps operators get to the specified grade more quickly without surveying, guesswork or rework.

Production Tracking

Terrain for grading tracks machine locations and production volumes in real time. The system:

  • Measures dozer production volume to track the amount of material moved.
  • Minimizes rework by ensuring material is moved to the right place the first time.
  • Increases productivity and accuracy through precision satellite guidance.

Real-Time Feedback

Terrain for grading tracks machine locations and production volumes in real time. It boosts productivity and efficiency by:

  • Showing operators visual job progress feedback to reduce rework.
  • Enabling instant reassignment of operators, saving time and reducing miscommunication.
  • Providing mine supervisors in the field a mobile application that lets them access progress updates from nearby machines, see the location of all Terrain-equipped machines, assign tasks and validate design plans. Plus, updates made on the mobile app are communicated to machine operators in real time, helping to keep everyone informed and on schedule, even when changes are required.

Automated Blade Control

  • Automated blade control delivers easier, more accurate operation, boosting grading efficiency by as much as 50%.
  • The feature is integrated into the machine’s control system and can combine other tool automation features such as Autocarry and Auto Blade Assist.
  • The system features automatic blade control, full blade load capabilities, overcut protection and work progress mapping.

Operator Performance

  • With onboard guidance tools and real-time feedback, Terrain for grading turns novice operators into pros right away.
  • It gives every operator the information to maximize machine efficiency by monitoring ore bodies, bench heights, cycle times and volume of material cut and filled.
  • It helps experienced operators work more precisely and productively.

Reduced Costs

The many features of Terrain for grading help you reduce costs and boost your bottom line.

  • Improve grading efficiency up to 50%. In-cab grade plans and real-time productivity and volume feedback allows operators to see what’s been done, what’s left to do and when they’re working as efficiently as possible. This also saves valuable time by eliminating rework.
  • Save equipment wear and tear thanks to smooth roads and benches. Color-coded cut and fill maps provide real-time feedback on progress toward the final grade, resulting in more accurate construction of bench slopes, roads and ramps. Maintaining accurate grades and eliminating high and low spots reduces wear and tear on truck frames, suspension and tires, saving money in maintenance costs and extending the life of your valuable equipment.
  • Reduce field survey time by 90%. Putting the design plan in the cab eliminates the need for costly surveying and staking while helping operators hit the planned grade more quickly and accurately.


  • Terrain for grading has been shown to reduce lost-time accidents by up to 60%.
  • The system keeps machines out of restricted areas and away from hazards such as difficult terrain or fixed assets like buildings and power lines that pose a collision risk to large mining equipment.
  • Putting the design plan in the cab eliminates the need for costly surveying and staking. It also means fewer people need to take the risks involved with working on foot near heavy equipment.


Terrain for grading:

  • Shares files between all Terrain machines to allow updating of grade plans.
  • Works with all grading equipment from Caterpillar and other manufacturers.
  • Provides integrated blade control with Cat dozers.
  • Integrates with MineStar Command for dozing and Command for hauling.

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Cat Terrain for Grading
Cat Terrain for Grading


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