Cat Terrain for Loading

Cat Terrain for Loading

Terrain for Loading


Mine site output depends on efficient loading and hauling. Terrain for loading makes those operations more productive while providing accurate feedback to key personnel. It shows operators the type of material and the exact volume that is being loaded into trucks and crushers. Real-time feedback on payloads and design plan progress helps managers track materials and plan future operations.

Material Tracking

Most mine sites work with more than a dozen types of ore, while some handle nearly 100 different materials. Keeping track of it all is a challenging job, but a vital one that needs to be done right. A single load of valuable ore sent to a dumpsite instead of a crusher can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
Terrain for loading:

  • Monitors material movement and type to ensure material is moved to the proper location.
  • Monitors and records wheel loader production cycles at the ROM pad and crusher. In conjunction with Cat Fleet, they provide automatic updates of mined material, so operators don’t have to manually select and load an ore control file.
  • Improves material tracking and shift-to-shift operator performance.
  • Enhances ore control and blending at the face with grade block data in the cab.

Machine Tracking

Terrain for loading works together with MineStar Fleet to monitor machine locations. The ability to follow material destinations on a truck-by-truck basis allows detailed stockpile management and helps to prevent costly misroutes. Terrain for loading:

  • Measures bucket payloads for optimal truck loading and payload management.
  • Helps mines monitor job progress to reduce rework and maximize efficiency.
  • Records production cycles of excavators at the face and wheel loaders at the crusher.
  • Increases productivity and accuracy through precision satellite guidance.
  • Mobile application allows mine supervisors in the field to access progress updates from nearby machines, see the location of all Terrain-equipped machines, assign tasks and validate design plans.

Real-Time Feedback and Decision-Making

Terrain for loading tracks machine locations and progress against plan in real time and provides feedback on payloads and design plan progress. It:

  • Shows operators exactly what kind and how much material is being loaded into trucks and crushers.
  • Helps managers track materials and plan future operations.
  • Provides grade block data in the cab.
  • Allows analysis of machine utilization and productivity by machine, shift and operator.
  • Allows instant updates to grade block files and assignments for all Terrain machines.
  • Allows operators and supervisors to see their job progress and improve inefficient actions.
  • Provides real-time feedback on work completed and work to be done, reducing rework and improving blending.


Terrain for loading provides 3D avoidance zones to keep machines safely out of restricted areas and warn operators about hazards such as overhead obstructions.

Interoperability & Integration

Terrain for loading:

  • Optimizes shovels, excavators and wheel loaders from any manufacturer.
  • Integrates with third-party digger payload systems.
  • Integrates with MineStar Detect Proximity Awareness for collision avoidance.
  • Works with Terrain for grading to gather data from all types of assets and equipment — including shovels and excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, motor graders, wheel dozers and more— helping you reduce cost per ton, enhance productivity and boost overall site profitability.

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Cat Terrain for Loading
Cat Terrain for Loading


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