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Flat Floor Buckets - Performance Series

Cat® Flat Floor Buckets are Performance Series, General Purpose Buckets that incorporate a specially designed long floor and a rear cutting edge to provide optimum results and productivity when performing light grading or back-dragging—while retaining all the premium loading-characteristic of the Performance Series.

bcp_468-4749_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), boce95 in1492 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_468-4750_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3), boce95 in1525 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_468-4751_1.9 m3 (2.4 yd3), boce95 in1436 lb46 inVIEW
bcp_488-7005_1.5 m3 (1.9 yd3), wot96 in1490 lb42 inVIEW
bcp_488-7006_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), wot96 in1378 lb42 inVIEW
bcp_488-7007_1.8 m3 (2.3 yd3), wot96 in1490 lb45 inVIEW

General Purpose Buckets

Cat® General Purpose Buckets have been designed to optimize performance of the Cat Compact Wheel Loader when loading, carrying, leveling, grading and dumping in a wide variety of applications and materials.

bcp_112-1256_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3)93 in948 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_112-1257_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3)93 in975 lb39 inVIEW
bcp_112-1258_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3)96 in1083 lb39 inVIEW
bcp_112-3121_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3)93 in1094 lb39 inVIEW
bcp_128-1481_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3)97 in1328 lb39 inVIEW
bcp_138-8905_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)81 in973 lb41 inVIEW
bcp_138-8941_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)70 in702 lb34 inVIEW
bcp_260-6299_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)70 in642 lb32 inVIEW
bcp_261-1324_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)70 in611 lb32 inVIEW
bcp_261-1341_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3)74 in790 lb36.2 inVIEW
bcp_261-1362_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3)81.1 in888 lb36.9 inVIEW
bcp_276-5715_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3), boce70.5 in686 lb32.4 inVIEW
bcp_284-9279_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce74.4 in869 lb36.8 inVIEW
bcp_284-9280_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), bot74 in822 lb36.2 inVIEW
bcp_284-9281_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce74.4 in870.4 lb36.8 inVIEW
bcp_284-9282_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), bot74 in843.7 lb36.2 inVIEW
bcp_286-0581_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce81.9 in979 lb37.5 inVIEW
bcp_286-0582_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot81.1 in924 lb36.9 inVIEW
bcp_286-0583_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot81.1 in922.4 lb36.9 inVIEW
bcp_286-0584_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce81.9 in980 lb37.5 inVIEW
bcp_311-7776_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce80.5 in910.1 lb36.8 inVIEW
bcp_311-7777_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot80.2 in865.5 lb36.1 inVIEW
bcp_312-0121_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3)80.1 in849 lb36.2 inVIEW
bcp_312-0122_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce80.5 in908 lb36.8 inVIEW
bcp_312-0123_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), bot80.1 in864 lb36.2 inVIEW
bcp_384-1700_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), boce74.4 in814 lb36.3 inVIEW
bcp_470-4541_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce74 in816 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_470-4542_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), bot74 in816 lb36 inVIEW
bcp_470-4545_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), boce81 in920 lb38 inVIEW
bcp_470-4546_1.1 m3 (1.4 yd3), bot81 in920 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_472-5370_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), boce81.9 in1018.8 lb38.7 inVIEW
bcp_472-5371_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), bot81.1 in961.2 lb38.1 inVIEW
bcp_481-4539_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), boce81 in957 lb38 inVIEW
bcp_481-4540_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), bot81 in957 lb39 inVIEW

General Purpose Buckets - Performance Series

Cat® General Purpose Performance Buckets provide good all-around performance for stockpiling, re-handling, excavating and bank loading. As the name suggests, these buckets work well in loading from stockpiles as well as bank loading. Performance Series Buckets utilize a system-based approach to balance bucket shape against the machine's linkage, weight, lift and tilt capacities. The result is a bucket optimized for performance and productivity, and intended for use in production applications. The benefits of this design bring higher fill factors and material retention.

bcp_390-8219_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3), boce94.5 in1393 lb45.6 inVIEW
bcp_415-5871_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3)94 in1206 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_415-5927_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce95 in1488 lb45.7 inVIEW
bcp_415-5928_1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3)94 in1303 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_415-5957_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3), boce94.5 in1433 lb45.6 inVIEW
bcp_415-5958_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3)94 in1246 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_415-5961_1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3), boce94.5 in1451 lb45.7 inVIEW
bcp_415-5977_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3)94 in1263 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_472-6534_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), boce94.5 in1221 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6535_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), boce94.5 in1261 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6537_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3), boce94.5 in1276 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6539_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), boce94.5 in1266 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6540_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), boce94.5 in1305 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6541_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), boce94.5 in1362 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6542_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), boce94.5 in1342 lb42.5 inVIEW
bcp_472-6543_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3)94 in1033.7 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6544_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3)94 in1074 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6546_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3)94 in1088.4 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6548_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3)94 in1118.8 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6549_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3)94 in1118 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6550_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3)94 in1154.6 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_472-6551_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3)94 in1175.1 lb42.1 inVIEW
bcp_481-9755_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3), bot95.6 in1129 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9756_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3), bot95.6 in1169 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9759_1.3 m3 (1.7 yd3), bot95.6 in1184 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9760_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3), bot95.6 in1173 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9761_1.4 m3 (1.8 yd3), bot95.6 in1213 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9762_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), bot95.6 in1250 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9763_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), bot95.6 in1270 lb43 inVIEW
bcp_481-9764_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), bot95.6 in1301 lb45.8 inVIEW
bcp_481-9765_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), bot95.6 in1470 lb46.1 inVIEW
bcp_481-9766_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3), bot95.6 in1358 lb46.1 inVIEW
bcp_481-9767_1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3), bot95.6 in1398 lb46 inVIEW
bcp_492-2489_1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3)94 in1265 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_492-2490_1.8 m3 (2.4 yd3)94 in1321.9 lb45.2 inVIEW
bcp_492-2491_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce95.6 in1470 lb46.1 inVIEW
bcp_492-2492_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce94.5 in1470 lb45.6 inVIEW
bcp_546-4012_1.7 m3 (2.2 yd3), boce94.5 in1519 lb49.2 inVIEW
bcp_546-4014_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), boce94.5 in1618.2 lb51 inVIEW
bcp_549-6912_1.6 m3 (2.1 yd3), bot95.9 in1426.4 lb50.3 inVIEW
bcp_549-6913_1.9 m3 (2.5 yd3), bot95.9 in1618.2 lb52.4 inVIEW

Industrial Grapple Buckets

Cat® Industrial Grapple Buckets are designed to handle bulky, irregularly shaped objects found in demolition, industrial, construction and recycling. Ideal for railroad ties, trees, large rocks, brush, industrial and demolition scrap, and recycling debris.

ModelWidthWeightHeight - Grapples Closed
bcp_368-2500_2080 mm (82 in), boce81.9 in1295 lb41.5 inVIEW

Light Material Buckets

Cat® Light Material Buckets leverage many of the same features found in the General Purpose Bucket but with higher volume capacities to handle less dense materials such as top soil, fertilizer, wood chips and many more.

bcp_261-1368_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce74.4 in862 lb39.5 inVIEW
bcp_261-1380_1.0 m3 (1.3 yd3), boce74 in863 lb39 inVIEW
bcp_261-1385_1.2 m3 (1.6 yd3), boce81.9 in1016 lb38.3 inVIEW
bcp_261-1391_1.2 m3 (1.5 yd3), boce81.9 in1018.8 lb38.3 inVIEW
bcp_261-1396_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), boce81.9 in1135 lb39.2 inVIEW
bcp_261-1404_1.5 m3 (2.0 yd3), boce81.9 in1137.1 lb39.8 inVIEW

Light Material Buckets - Performance Series

bcp_498-0031_2.5 m3 (3.3 yd3), boce2549 mm793 kg1267 mmVIEW
bcp_498-0032_2.5 m3 (3.3 yd3), boce2549 mm1773 lb1382 mmVIEW
bcp_498-0033_2.5 m3 (3.3 yd3), boce100 in1799 lb50 inVIEW
bcp_498-0034_3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), boce2549 mm1883 lb55 inVIEW
bcp_498-0035_3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), boce2549 mm1909 lb55 inVIEW
bcp_498-0036_3.0 m3 (3.9 yd3), boce100 in878 kg1404 mmVIEW
bcp_498-0037_3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3), boce2549 mm915 kg59 inVIEW
bcp_498-0038_3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3), boce2549 mm926 kg1486 mmVIEW
bcp_498-0039_3.5 m3 (4.6 yd3), boce100 in2068 lb1486 mmVIEW

Multi-Purpose Buckets

Cat® Multi-Purpose Buckets have the same loading, reliability and durability characteristics as other Compact Wheel Loader buckets, with the added versatility for digging, dozing, clamping, grading and leveling in a broad range of applications.

bcp_259-6010_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3)70.2 in825 lb34.4 inVIEW
bcp_276-5717_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3), boce70.5 in895 lb35 inVIEW
bcp_276-5718_0.6 m3 (0.8 yd3), bot70.2 in855 lb34.4 inVIEW
bcp_337-8930_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3)74.4 in684 lb36.5 inVIEW
bcp_337-8941_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), boce74.4 in1177 lb37.1 inVIEW
bcp_337-8942_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), bot74.4 in1131 lb36.5 inVIEW
bcp_337-8943_0.8 m3 (1.0 yd3), boce74.4 in1297.4 lb37.1 inVIEW
bcp_337-8945_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce81.9 in1283 lb37.4 inVIEW
bcp_337-8946_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), bot81.9 in1230 lb36.7 inVIEW
bcp_337-8947_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3)81 in1398 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_337-8948_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3)81 in1398 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_337-8950_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce81.9 in1265 lb36.7 inVIEW
bcp_470-4543_0.7 m3 (0.9 yd3), boce74 in1292 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_470-4544_0.7 m3 (0.9 yd3), bot74 in1292 lb36 inVIEW
bcp_470-4547_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), boce81 in1398 lb37 inVIEW
bcp_470-4548_0.9 m3 (1.2 yd3), bot81 in1398 lb37 inVIEW

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