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Multi-processors do the work of many types of demolition tools by use of interchangeable jaw sets. Changing jaws allows a single unit to crush, pulverize and perform a variety of specialized cutting tasks, such as cutting steel rebar and tanks.

Multi-Processor with Concrete Cutter Jaws

Concrete Cutter jaws are the perfect choice where precise demolition/cutting of concrete structures is required.

ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCrushing Force - Primary Cutter
MP324 Concrete Cutter1.8 s1.2 s406 Sh TonVIEW
MP332 Concrete Cutter1.9 s1.3 s479 Sh TonVIEW
MP345 Concrete Cutter1.9 s1.3 s573 Sh TonVIEW
MP365 Concrete Cutter2.1 s1.6 s665 Sh TonVIEW

Multi-Processor with Demolition Jaws

Demolition jaws are designed to reduce any strength concrete in the largest concrete applications, whether with or without rebar. Concrete is reduced to large, manageable sized pieces while cutting rebar.

ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCrushing Force - Primary Cutter
MP318 Demolition Jaw1.6 s1 s302 Sh TonVIEW
MP324 Demolition Jaw1.8 s1.2 s423 Sh TonVIEW
MP332 Demolition Jaw1.9 s1.3 s460 Sh TonVIEW
MP345 Demolition Jaw1.9 s1.4 s599 Sh TonVIEW
MP365 Demolition Jaw2.1 s1.6 s820 Sh TonVIEW

Multi-Processor with Pulverizer Jaws

Pulverizer jaws are designed for both primary and secondary demolition, as well as great picking capability. Completely separates rebar from concrete, while reducing concrete to the smallest size.

ModelExcavator MinimumExcavator MaximumCycle Time - Open
MP318 Pulverizer Jaw18 tons25 tons1.6 sVIEW
MP324 Pulverizer Jaw24 tons35 tons1.8 sVIEW
MP332 Pulverizer Jaw32 tons50 tons1.9 sVIEW
MP345 Pulverizer Jaw45 tons65 tons1.9 sVIEW
MP365 Pulverizer Jaw65 tons90 tons2.1 sVIEW

Multi-Processor with Shear Jaws

Shear jaws cut and reduce angle iron, channel iron, beams, pipe, rebar, cable and tires.

ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCutting Force - Blade Throat
MP318 Shear Jaw1.6 s1 s451 Sh TonVIEW
MP324 Shear Jaw1.8 s1.2 s669 Sh TonVIEW
MP332 Shear Jaw1.9 s1.3 s887 Sh TonVIEW
MP345 Shear Jaw1.9 s1.4 s951 Sh TonVIEW
MP365 Shear Jaw2.1 s1.6 s1270 Sh TonVIEW

Multi-Processor with Tank Shear Jaws

Tank Shear jaws make short work of storage tanks and plate steel. Specially-designed jaws produce straight, smooth cuts on barges, railway cars and grain, water, oil and fuel tanks.

ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCutting Force - Blade Throat
MP324 Tank Shear1.8 s1.2 s174 Sh TonVIEW
ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCutting Force - Blade Tip
MP332 Tank Shear1.9 s1.3 s217 Sh TonVIEW

Multi-Processor with Universal Jaws

Universal jaws are ideal for precision demolition, sectioning concrete and down-sizing concrete for crushers. Cleanly cuts segments of concrete with rebar cut flush to the concrete.

ModelCycle Time - OpenCycle Time - CloseCrushing Force - Primary Cutter
MP318 Universal Jaw1 s1 s299 Sh TonVIEW
MP324 Universal Jaw1.8 s1.2 s410 Sh TonVIEW
MP332 Universal Jaw1.9 s1.3 s533 Sh TonVIEW

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