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Cat Articulated Trucks are extremely versatile, moving a wide spectrum of material in a variety of applications and underfoot conditions. Durability and reliability mean articulated trucks often provide the best return on investment.

Articulated Truck Bare Chassis

ModelStandard Wheel BaseLong Wheel BaseEngine Model
725C Bare Chassis156.7 in215.2 inCat C13 ACERTVIEW
730C Bare Chassis156.7 in215.2 inCat C13VIEW

Three Axle Articulated Trucks

ModelEngine ModelBoreStroke
725C2 - 2016, Tier 4 Final, Stage IV, HRCCat C9.3 ACERT4.53 in5.87 inVIEW
735C - 2015, HRCCat C15 ACERT5.4 in6.75 inVIEW
740 EJ - 2017, Tier 4 Final, Stage IV, HRCCat® C18 ACERT™5.7 in7.2 inVIEW
745 - 2017, NACD, EU, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Israel, KoreaCat C18 ACERT5.7 in7.2 inVIEW

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