New | TH3510D Ag Handler Telehandler

The TH3510D is precision engineered to handle any task, offering stability, maneuverability, speed and power in any application.

Engine ModelCat C3.4B
Operating Weight - With Carriage and Forks*20170 lb
Note*Represents machine configuration of 106 kW (142 hp/bhp) engine on standard 15.5/80-24 16 ply tires.
Operating Specifications
Rated Load Capacity7700 lb
Maximum Lift Height32.1 ft
Maximum Forward Reach21.6 ft
Capacity at Maximum Forward Reach1275 lb
Capacity at Maximum Lift Height1400 lb
Outside Turning Radius - Over Tires12.6 ft
Outside Turning Radius - Over Forks15.9 ft
StandardMitas 15.5/80-24 16 ply
Option (1)Michelin 15.5 R25 XHA
Option (2)Michelin 460/70 R24 XMCL
Option (8)13 × 24 Solid Tires
Option (4)Michelin 440/80 24 Power CL
Option (6)Michelin 460/70 R24 Bibload
Option (3)Michelin 500/70 R24 XMCL
Option (5)Michelin 400/80 24 Power CL
Option (7)Firestone Duraforce
Hydraulic System
System TypeLoad Sensing, Closed Center
Pump TypeVariable Flow, Axial Piston
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure3553 psi
Maximum Pump Capacity36.9 gal/min
System Pressure3770 psi
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Boom Head - Intermittent25 gal/min
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Machine Rear21 gal/min
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow - Boom Head - Continuous25 gal/min
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank40 gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid5 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank31.7 gal (US)
Boom Performance
Boom Up8 s
Boom Down6.5 s
Tele In10.5 s
Tele Out11 s
Crowd Backward3.5 s
Crowd Forward - Dump3 s
Combined - Up and Out24 s
Combined - Down and In12.8 s
Parking BrakeMechanical lever on front axle
Service BrakesBoosted on front and rear brakes
Front AxleHigh bias, planetary reduction hubs with limited slip differential
Rear AxleOpen differential with planetary reduction hubs
Engine - Option 2
Maximum Torque413 ft·lbf
Displacement269 in³
Stroke5 in
Model*Cat C4.4 ACERT
Gross Power106 kW (142 hp/bhp)
Emissions*Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Bore4.1 in
Quick Coupler Rotation152°
Drawbar Pull - 83 kW/111.3 hp Engine20682 lbf
Drawbar Pull - 93 kW/124.1 hp Engine19783 lbf
Bucket Breakout Force13938 lbf
Boom Breakout Force9217 lbf
Noise Levels - In Cab74 dB(A)
Noise Levels - External106 dB(A)
Towable Mass - Hydraulically Braked26455 lb
Drawbar Pull - 106 kW/142.1 hp Engine21806 lbf
Dimensions (Approximate)
Cab Width3 ft
Maximum Fork Dump Angle128°
Overall Width - Standard Tires7.8 ft
Machine Length17.3 ft
Overall Height - Standard Tires*8.1 ft
Overall Length to Front of Carriage17.4 ft
Track6.5 ft
Maximum Fork Crowd Angle24°
Departure Angle60°
Ground Clearance1.4 ft
Wheel Base10.3 ft
Overhang3.3 ft
Lift Capacity
Capacity at Maximum Height1400 lb
Rated Load Capacity7700 lb
Capacity at Maximum Reach1275 lb
Engine Power
Gross Power - 2,200 rpm - Option 2142 HP
Gross Power - 2,200 rpm - Standard111 HP
Gross Power - 2,200 rpm - Option 1124 HP
Forward - 624.9 mile/h
Forward - 515.7 mile/h
Forward - 13.5 mile/h
Reverse - 27 mile/h
Forward - 25.3 mile/h
Reverse - 13.5 mile/h
Reverse - 315.7 mile/h
TypeCat PG124 6 speed power shift
Forward - 37 mile/h
Note*Maximum speed subject to machine configuration.
Forward - 410.3 mile/h
Engine - Standard
Stroke4.3 in
Bore3.9 in
Gross Power83 kW (111 hp/bhp)
Emissions*Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Displacement207 in³
Maximum Torque339 ft·lbf
Model*Cat C3.4B
Lift and Reach
Maximum Lift Height32.1 ft
Maximum Forward Reach21.6 ft
Engine - Option 1
Bore4.1 in
Gross Power93 kW (124 hp/bhp)
Stroke5 in
Maximum Torque391 ft·lbf
Emissions*Meets Tier 4 Final emission standards.
Model*Cat C4.4 ACERT
Displacement269 in³
Air Conditioning System
Air ConditioningThe air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.2 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent 1.575 metric tonne.
Alternator Output12V/150A
Battery1 × 12V 1,000 CCA Battery

Choose The Right Engine For You – Three Fuel Efficient Cat® Engines Are Available To Suit A Wide Range Of Applications.

The Cat Th3510d Features A Six Speed Power Shift Transmission To Give Exceptional Performance When Towing Trailers On The Road.

Designed For Durability. Easy To Access Greasing Points Mean A Long, Trouble Free Life For The Machine. A Z-Bar Linkage Delivers Powerful Breakout Forces And Fast Cycle Times.

A Variable Displacement Piston Pump Matched To A High Performance Flow Sharing Valve Makes Multi Functioning Easy. The Load Sensing System Means Excellent Fuel Economy, As The Pump Only Works When Required.

The Cab Is Designed With The Operator In Mind With A Multi Function Joystick And A Comfortable Working Environment. The Unique “operator Preferences” Feature Allows The Machine To Be Tuned To Suit Individual Operators. Options Include A Heated Air Suspension Seat, Large Display Screen With Pre-Loaded Load Charts, Rearview Camera, Reversing Sensors And Air Conditioning.

Standard Equipment

  • Longitudinal Stability Indicator
  • Sunscreen
  • Mechanical Suspension Seat with Seat Belt
  • Roof Wiper
  • Heater/De-mister
  • Engine Speed Set
  • Multi Function Joystick Controller with FNR
  • Front and Rear Windscreen Wipers
  • Mechanical Parking Brake
  • 1 × 12V 1,000 CCA Battery
  • Work Lights, 4 × Cab Mounted (2 front, 2 rear) 2 × Boom Mounted
  • Reverse Alarm
Other Equipment
  • Boom Brushes
  • Single Auxiliary Service to Boom Head
  • Mitas 15.5/80-24 16 ply
Quick Couplers
  • Manual Cat “IT” Interface
  • Competitive couplers are available, please consult your Cat dealer for details.

Optional Equipment

  • Reversing Camera
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Electronic Multi function display screen
  • Air Suspension Seat with Seat Belt
  • Heated Air Suspension Seat with Seat Belt
  • Screen Guard
  • Roof Guard
  • Air Conditioning
  • Column Mounted FNR Lever
  • SAHR Parking Brake
  • 2 × 12V 815 CCA Batteries
  • Block Heater 240 Volt
  • Product Link Ready, Version 641
  • Seven (7) Pin Trailer Service
  • Rotating Beacon
Other Equipment
  • Ride Control with Boom Float
  • 2nd Auxiliary Service to Boom Head
  • Auxiliary Service to Rear
  • Rear Hitch Mirror, Flat
  • Rear Hitch Mirror, Convex
  • Tool Box
  • Boom Safety Brace
  • Michelin 460/70 R24 XMCL
  • Michelin 500/70 R24 XMCL
  • Michelin 400/80 24 Power CL
  • Michelin 440/80 24 Power CL
  • Michelin 460/70 R24 Bibload
  • Michelin 15.5 R25 XHA
  • Firestone Duraforce
  • 13 × 24 Solid Tires
Tow Hitches
  • Retrieval Hitch
  • Hydraulic Pick Up Hitch
  • EEC Manual Hitch
  • EEC Automatic Hitch
  • EEC Automatic Hitch with Piton
  • Trailer Braking Valve
Quick Couplers
  • Hydraulic Cat “IT” Interface
  • Competitive couplers are available, please consult your Cat dealer for details.
Work Tools
  • Floating Fork Carriage
  • ISO Class 3 Fixed Fork Carriage
  • Side Shift Carriage
  • 1 m³ (1.31 yd³) General Purpose Bucket
  • 1.5 m³ (1.96 yd³) Rehandling Bucket
  • 1.0 m³ (1.31 yd³) Multi Purpose Bucket
  • 2.0 m³ (2.62 yd³) Grain Bucket
  • 2.5 m³ (3.27 yd³) Grain Bucket
  • 3.0 m³ (3.92 yd³) Grain Bucket
  • 1225 mm (48 in) Bale Fork
  • Grapple Bucket
  • Muck Fork and Grapple
  • Bale Handler
  • Sweeper Collector





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