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Cat® Microgrids provide cost effective power for on- and off-grid communities and commercial or industrial installations. By combining renewable energy, from our photovoltaic modules and advanced energy storage solutions, with traditional generation, from utilities or generator sets, we can develop an energy system specifically designed for your needs. The Cat Microgrid combines all sources into a single, controllable entity to optimize the flow of energy so it can be produced at the lowest total costs. For on-grid applications where a traditional utility is present, photovoltaic modules can be used to lower the costs of power from the utility. For off-grid applications the photovoltaic modules are used to offset operation of diesel or gas generator sets. This lowers fuel consumption and reduces the operating costs of power production, while also lowering carbon emissions. Energy storage solutions can also be added for short duration grid stabilization or longer duration renewable time shifting, enabling the renewable power generated during the day to be used when sunlight is not present.

ModelApplicationModule TypeRated Power
BDP 250 Energy Storage InverterCompatible with virtually any power sourceBi-directional Power Inverter312.5 kVA (312.5 kW @ 1.0 PF)VIEW
ModelApplicationModule Type
CAT® MICROGRID MASTER CONTROLLER (MMC-M)Photovoltaic and energy storage systemsMonitoring / control, assets optimizationVIEW
ModelApplicationModule TypeNominal Power
Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module Bifacial HalfcutCompatible with 1000V and 1500V plant architecturesMono crystalline bifacial halfcut PERC425W to 440W per panelVIEW
Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module HalfcutCompatible with 1000V and 1500V plant architecturesMono crystalline halfcut PERC365W to 440W per panelVIEW
Cat PVC Photovoltaic Module ShingledCompatible with 1000V and 1500V plant architecturesShingled mono crystalline PERC415W per panelVIEW
ModelApplicationModule TypeRated Power
Energy Shift ModuleFacility backup, Spinning reserve, Peak ShavingEnergy Storage, Grid firming / grid stabilization125 - 1250 kWVIEW
Power Grid StabilizationFacility backup, Spinning reserve, Transient AssistEnergy Storage, Grid firming / grid stabilization125 - 2500 kWVIEW

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