Increase Production

Increase Production

Get more work done without compromising quality or profits. Cat® Connect Technology and Services help you get the most out of every asset. Grade more efficiently, load more accurately, and achieve compaction levels in fewer passes. With Cat Connect, you can hit your targets in less time, every time.



Cat Link

    • Save time and improve utilization with remote monitoring – know where every asset is and how it’s being used
    • Manage all your equipment data from one convenient interface
    • Optimize production of both individual machines and your overall jobsite
    • Maintain accurate service intervals and eliminate maintenance downtime
    • Make smarter, more informed business decisions in real time

Cat Grade

    • Work faster and get to grade in fewer passes
    • Improve efficiency by up to 50% over traditional methods
    • Reduce rework, speed up job changes, and limit time needed for stringlines and checkers

Cat Payload

    • Reduce cycle times by up to 10% compared to traditional loading systems
    • Eliminate truck recycles
    • Adjust final passes more efficiently
    • Monitor production in real-time to optimize performance

Cat Compact

    • Meet compaction specs in fewer passes
    • Utilize real-time measurement and temperature indication
    • Keep operators informed of coverage and pass counts
    • Improve output and reduce rework

Cat Command

    • Keep working where and when other machines and operators can’t
    • Reduce shift change and travel times
    • Eliminate downtime from operator travel


Equipment Management Services

    • Understand performance benchmarks and keep assets operating at optimum levels
    • Free up internal resources associated with manually monitoring machines, inspecting equipment, and regular fleet maintenance

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    • Measure output, identify utilization trends, establish benchmarks, and locate areas of opportunity
    • Optimize site setup and design
    • Use drones and analytics software to evaluate job site
    • Improve individual operator performance

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    • Identify when fatigue may be obstructing performance
    • Prevent production losses due to accidents
    • Schedule operators for peak performance
    • Mitigate jobsite risks

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