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Pro Series Hydraulic Thumbs

Cat® Pro Series Hydraulic Thumbs (Pro and Pro Plus models) offer the best load control and are rugged enough for demolition, handling rip rap and other heavy-duty tasks.

ModelNumber Of Teeth/TinesStored HeightOverall Width
GCI_387-9686_PROPLUS_PG/315/316_757 mm (30 in)428.7 in29.8 inVIEW
GCI_387-9688_PROPLUS_PG/315/316_923 mm (36 in)528.7 in36.3 inVIEW
GCI_387-9702_PRO_PG/315/316_591 mm (23 in)328.7 in23.3 inVIEW
GCI_387-9760_PRO_PG/312_568 mm (22 in)425.2 in22.4 inVIEW
GCI_418-0304_PRO_PG/B_758 mm (30 in)240.4 in29.8 inVIEW
GCI_418-0306_PRO_PG/B_926 mm (37 in)240.4 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0308_PRO_PG/B_1086 mm (43 in)440.4 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_418-0412_PRO_PO/CB1_775 mm (31 in)335.2 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0424_PRO_PG/CB1_741 mm (29 in)239.8 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_418-0426_PRO_PG/CB1_926 mm (37 in)239.8 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0428_PRO_PG/CB1_1086 mm (43 in)439.8 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_418-0430_PRO_PG/CB1_741 mm (29 in)239.8 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_418-0432_PRO_PG/CB1_926 mm (37 in)239.8 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0434_PRO_PG/CB1_1086 mm (43 in)239.8 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_418-0436_PRO_PG/CB1_1206 mm (48 in)439.8 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0438_PRO_PG/CB1_1332 mm (52 in)439.8 in52.4 inVIEW
GCI_418-0484_PRO_PO/CB2_775 mm (31 in)332.8 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_418-0502_PRO_PG/CB2_741 mm (29 in)336.5 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_443-0128_PRO_PO/DB_882 mm (35 in)333.7 in34.7 inVIEW
GCI_443-0134_PRO_PG/DB_843 mm (33 in)241.3 in33.2 inVIEW
GCI_443-0136_PRO_PG/DB_1043 mm (41 in)241.3 in41.1 inVIEW
GCI_443-0138_PRO_PG/DB_1207 mm (48 in)441.3 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_443-0140_PRO_PG/DB_793 mm (31 in)241.3 in31.2 inVIEW
GCI_443-0142_PRO_PG/DB_957 mm (38 in)241.3 in37.7 inVIEW
GCI_443-0144_PRO_PG/DB_1138 mm (45 in)241.3 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_443-0152_PRO_PG/DB_793 mm (31 in)341.3 in31.2 inVIEW
GCI_443-0220_PRO_PO/TB_985 mm (35 in)333.8 in34.7 inVIEW
GCI_443-0222_PRO_PO/TB_1095 mm (43 in)433.8 in43.1 inVIEW
GCI_443-0224_PRO_PG/TB_955 mm (38 in)238.8 in37.6 inVIEW
GCI_443-0226_PRO_PG/TB_1139 mm (45 in)438.8 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_443-0228_PRO_PG/TB_885 mm (35 in)238.8 in34.8 inVIEW
GCI_443-0230_PRO_PG/TB_1095 mm (43 in)238.8 in43.1 inVIEW
GCI_443-0236_PRO_PG/TB_885 mm (35 in)339.1 in34.8 inVIEW
GCI_443-0238_PRO_PG/TB_1095 mm (43 in)439.1 in43.1 inVIEW
GCI_473-3845_PRO_PG/312_522 mm (21 in)225.3 in20.6 inVIEW
GCI_532-8815_PROPLUS_PO/DB_882 mm (35 in)433.7 in34.7 inVIEW
GCI_533-0162_PROPLUS_PO/TB_985 mm (39 in)433.8 in38.8 inVIEW
GCI_533-0885_PROPLUS_PO/DB_1138 mm (45 in)533.7 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_533-0886_PROPLUS_PO/DB_1043 mm (41 in)533.7 in41.1 inVIEW
GCI_533-0887_PROPLUS_PO/DB_1207 mm (48 in)633.7 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_533-0889_PROPLUS_PO/DB_957 mm (38 in)433.7 in37.7 inVIEW
GCI_533-0893_PROPLUS_PG/DB_1207 mm (48 in)441.3 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_533-0898_PROPLUS_PG/DB_843 mm (33 in)441.3 in33.2 inVIEW
GCI_533-0899_PROPLUS_PG/DB_1043 mm (41 in)541.3 in41.1 inVIEW
GCI_533-0900_PROPLUS_PG/DB_1207 mm (48 in)641.3 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_533-0902_PROPLUS_PG/DB_957 mm (38 in)441.3 in37.7 inVIEW
GCI_533-0903_PROPLUS_PG/DB_1138 mm (45 in)541.3 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_533-0907_PROPLUS_PO/TB_1139 mm (45 in)533.8 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_533-0909_PROPLUS_PO/TB_1095 mm (43 in)433.8 in43.1 inVIEW
GCI_533-0912_PROPLUS_PG/TB_955 mm (38 in)439.4 in37.6 inVIEW
GCI_533-0913_PROPLUS_PG/TB_1139 mm (45 in)539.4 in44.8 inVIEW
GCI_533-0915_PROPLUS_PG/TB_1095 mm (43 in)439.4 in43.1 inVIEW
GCI_559-5506_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_926 mm (37 in)432.8 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_559-5507_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_1086 mm (43 in)532.8 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_559-5508_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_1206 mm (48 in)632.8 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_559-5509_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_1332 mm (52 in)632.8 in52.4 inVIEW
GCI_559-5514_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_741 mm (29 in)436.5 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_559-5515_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_926 mm (37 in)536.5 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_559-5516_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_1086 mm (43 in)636.5 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_559-5518_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_926 mm (37 in)436.5 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_559-5519_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_1086 mm (43 in)536.5 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_559-5520_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_1206 mm (48 in)636.5 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_559-5521_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_1332 mm (52 in)636.5 in52.4 inVIEW
GCI_578-2487_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_775 mm (31 in)435.2 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2488_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_775 mm (31 in)435.2 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2489_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_926 mm (36 in)535.2 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2490_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_1086 mm (43 in)635.2 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_578-2493_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_926 mm (36 in)435.2 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2494_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_1086 mm (43 in)535.2 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_578-2495_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_1206 mm (47 in)635.2 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2496_PROPLUS_PO/CB1_1332 mm (52 in)635.2 in52.4 inVIEW
GCI_578-2501_PROPLUS_PG/CB1_1086 mm (43 in)439.8 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_578-2506_PROPLUS_PG/CB1_1206 mm (47 in)439.8 in47.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2515_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_775 mm (31 in)432.8 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2516_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_775 mm (31 in)432.8 in30.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2517_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_926 mm (36 in)532.8 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2518_PROPLUS_PO/CB2_1086 mm (43 in)632.8 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_578-2530_PROPLUS_PO/312_726 mm (29 in)525.8 in28.6 inVIEW
GCI_578-2532_PROPLUS_PO/312_1005 mm (40 in)625.8 in39.6 inVIEW
GCI_578-2534_PROPLUS_PO/312_660 mm (26 in)425.8 in26 inVIEW
GCI_578-2535_PROPLUS_PO/312_799 mm (31 in)425.8 in31.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2538_PROPLUS_PG/312_568 mm (22 in)425.3 in22.4 inVIEW
GCI_578-2540_PROPLUS_PG/312_879 mm (35 in)625.3 in34.6 inVIEW
GCI_578-2541_PROPLUS_PG/312_1005 mm (40 in)625.3 in39.6 inVIEW
GCI_578-2543_PROPLUS_PG/312_660 mm (26 in)425.3 in26 inVIEW
GCI_578-2544_PROPLUS_PG/312_799 mm (31 in)425.3 in31.5 inVIEW
GCI_578-2547_PRO_PO/312_568 mm (22 in)425.9 in22.4 inVIEW
GCI_578-2552_PRO_PO/312_563 mm (22 in)325.9 in22.2 inVIEW
GCI_578-2558_PROPLUS_PG/CB1_1332 mm (52 in)439.8 in52.4 inVIEW
GCI_583-4537_PROPLUS_PO/B_713 mm (28 in)433.7 in28.1 inVIEW
GCI_583-4538_PROPLUS_PO/B_758 mm (30 in)433.7 in29.8 inVIEW
GCI_583-4540_PROPLUS_PO/B_926 mm (36 in)533.7 in36.5 inVIEW
GCI_583-4541_PROPLUS_PO/B_1086 mm (43 in)633.7 in42.8 inVIEW
GCI_584-3952_PROPLUS_PO/315/316_641 mm (25 in)428.1 in25.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-3954_PROPLUS_PG/315/316_641 mm (25 in)428.7 in25.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-3955_PRO_PO/315/316_641 mm (25 in)428.2 in25.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-3956_PRO_PG/315/316_641 mm (25 in)428.7 in25.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-5098_PRO_PG/CB1_741 mm (29 in)239.8 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-5109_PROPLUS_PG/CB2_741 mm (29 in)436.5 in29.2 inVIEW
GCI_584-5110_PRO_PG/B_671 mm (26 in)240.4 in26.4 inVIEW

Stiff Link Thumbs

Cat® Stiff Link Thumbs feature a rigid link and are attached to the excavator stick with a weld-on bracket. The bucket curls into the thumb to pick, grab, sort and handle various types of material and objects found on job sites.

ModelNumber Of Teeth/TinesOverall WidthLength
bcp_305-6742_437 mm (17 in), 4 teeth/2 tines4/217.2 in38.1 inVIEW
bcp_305-6743_432 mm (17 in), 6 teeth/2 tines6/217 in46.8 inVIEW

Utility Thumbs

Cat® Utility Thumbs offer a cost-effective thumb design with hydraulic thumb control, combined with wide compatibility with machines, buckets and couplers.

ModelLengthStored HeightOverall Width
bcp_305-6740_435 mm (17 in), 4 teeth/2 tines38.1 in18.3 in17.1 inVIEW
bcp_305-6741_435 mm (17 in), 6 teeth/2 tines46.8 in22.7 in17.1 inVIEW
bcp_451-6380_346 mm (14 in), 5 teeth/2 tines29.1 in11 in13.6 inVIEW

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