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Wheel Saws

Cat® Wheel Saws are designed for high performance trench cutting on a variety of hard or compact surfaces such as asphalt, reinforced concrete, and rocky or frozen ground.

ModelMaximum Cutting DepthWheel WidthWeight
bcp_381-8410_sw345b, 76 mm (3 in)18 in3 in2549 lbVIEW
bcp_381-8420_sw360b, 76 mm (3 in)24 in3 in3420 lbVIEW
bcp_381-8430_sw360b, 152 mm (6 in)24 in6 in3009 lbVIEW
bcp_381-8440_sw360b, 203 mm (8 in)24 in8 in3075 lbVIEW

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